Opinion Article: Technology

By: Charan Jot Rattan

We all use some sort of technology every day. Whether it’s a phone, computer, Television we all use some form of technology. Technology has evolved over the years. New things come out every day. Technology is a really good thing for school because all work is done online now and all stuff for school is done online as well. Before computers everyone did stuff by hand whether it was homework, taking notes, writing a paper. Technology does have some disadvantages as well. People have become dependent on technology. People cannot do daily activities without checking twitter or snapchatting what they’re doing. Before google maps people would use giant maps to figure out where to go, but because of the maps app people can easily get directions to where to go and how far it is and even see how much traffic there is.

Technology has taught us so many new things. We have learned so much about our world and the things on it with the help of technology. We continue to learn and teach with the help of new technology that is available. So many educational apps are available to help further children and their education. Many teachers use computers and iPads in schools so students will learn easier on them than writing on a piece of paper. One downside to iPads in school is that children misuse the iPads sometimes, but that is not a huge thing to worry about.

Making work for children due online is good thing and a bad thing. It is good because it quick and easy. It is bad because children who do not have access to computers have a harder time turning in homework. Bill Gates has programs around the world to help children who don’t have access to computers. He has helped many families and children.

Using computers has helped the reduce the use of paper as well. Paper comes from trees and trees provide us with oxygen. Trees are very important to the ecosystem and nature. Computers help reduce this because everyone types their papers or do their work on their computers. Everyone uses computers whether it’s for school, work, fun, gaming, the list goes on. Computers are advancing every day and there is more and more you can do it then you ever could. Technology has helped us discover new species as well as water on Mars and we have learned more about space than we ever had before. We have self-driving cars now. Tesla’s autopilot drives for you and parks the car for you. The future of technology is bright, everything will be technology based. People have jobs that are done on their computers in their home. So much can be done with the advancement of technology. The world can be changed, but who knows whether it will be for the good of the world. All in all, technology is the future.


Global Warming: What Can we Do?

By: Charan Jot Rattan

Global warming has become a worldwide problem only getting worse every day. Many people are trying so much to slow it down or stop it. People worldwide are planting more trees because so many have been cut down and that has contributing to the problem. In July alone Ethiopia planted 350 million trees according to CNN. These are going to help with global warming.

The oceans have been filled with trash and waste which has affected the sea animals. According to Conserveturtles.org 1 million marine animals including mammals, sharks, fish, turtles, and birds are killed each year. 1 million animals each year all because someone just could not put their trash in the trash can. It also says that there is an estimated 100 million tons of plastic waste in the oceans. People continue to use plastic bottles, but don’t recycle them. Plastic can take anywhere from 10 to 1,000 years to decompose. We need to do all we can to stop global warming.

Students and teenagers have been rising up together to stop the use of plastic. Many people have started to use metal, paper, or reusable straws. Over 8.3 billion straws pollute the Earths beaches. Plastic straws have been ban in many cities such as, Alameda, Carmel, San Luis and New York City, Hawaii and California have pending straw ban legislations. People use reusable water bottles to stop the use of plastic.

According to scientists of the UN we only have 11 years left before climate change and its damage is irreversible. Since 1993 to present sea levels have risen over 2.5 inches. Each year the seas levels rise because ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Each year the temperature is the highest it’s ever been in the summer or the lowest in the winter. In 2019 alone it snowed in Chicago in October. There have been deadly hurricanes all throughout August and September. The coldest temperature was in January 2019 at -30 degrees. There was a cold wave and people were unable to leave their homes because of how cold it was. Insides of houses were freezing even with the heat on high. Alaska had record breaking temperature during the summer, the hottest was 93 degrees. This caused hundreds and hundreds of salmon to die in Alaska. The water became too hot for the fish therefore they died.

India is the most polluted country in the world. According to ig.ft.com, more than 4 in 1 Indians are exposed to 5 times the safe limit of particulate matter in the air they breathe. China is a close second to most polluted country. 90% of China’s population is exposed to triple the safe limit particulate matter in the air that they breathe. Most people in these countries have to wear face masks when they leave their homes because of how bad the air quality is. India still burns coal for electricity which causes a lot of pollution.

We all need to work together to help stop climate change and have a safe world to live in. We need to cut down or use of plastic and put trash in the trash can where it should be. We need to cut down the amount of meat and fish we consume. According to theconversation.com we need to cut down dairy and meat to help stop climate change and global warming. “Livestock farming has a vast environmental footprint. It contributes to land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration and deforestation. Nowhere is this impact more apparent than climate change – livestock farming contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.” There are so many alternatives to meat and dairy such as almond milk, oat milk (my personal favorite), and so many more. You can also eat tofu and if cooked and seasoned the right way can taste exactly like chicken or steak. Companies make tofy chicken tenders that taste exactly like chicken. Being vegetarian or going vegan help the environment so much. The less animals you eat the more it helps. You can make such an impact from not eating meat.

All in all, we can stop global warming from taking over and ruining the planet, but first we have to stop ourselves from ruining it.


Should we have class on Columbus Day?

By: Charan Jot Rattan


Growing up we have all learned in school about Christopher Columbus. How he sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Later on, in high school our teachers tell us the bitter truth of Columbus Day and what actually happened when Columbus misread his map and made his way to America. We learned that Columbus wanted to go to India and get spices and things, but he ended up in America, but still thought that he was in India because the Native Americans were here. Instead of actually realizing this he decided to take over and ruin the Native Americans lives and destroy what they had. Despite knowing this we have celebrated Columbus day for as long as I can remember. Many people think we should still celebrate it, but many people also think that Columbus day should not exist. I for one think Columbus day should never be celebrated. Instead celebrate the Native Americans who were there and their lives. I talked to a fellow student and friend, who recently graduated about this topic and this is what they had to say.

Q: What is your name

A: Deidra Lebron

Q: Do you think we should celebrate Columbus day?

A: No we should never celebrate it. We should get rid of it from calendars and all things in America that have to do with Columbus.

Q: Why do you think we should never celebrate?

A: Christopher Columbus was not a good person. He is made to be a smart navigator, but he got lost on his way to India and ended up here. He then is said to have discovered America even though Native Americans had been living here for years and years prior.

Q: Do you think Christopher Columbus should still be taught in school?

A: I think we should teach children the real truth about Christopher Columbus. In school they teach us that he was great and got along with the Native Americans, but in reality none of that is true at all.

Q: Teaching students at young age the truth of Columbus could be risky, how do you think they should change it?

A: I think they should say like he wanted to go to India, but got lost and made it to America, but he didn’t discover it because Native Americans were already here. They shouldn’t go into the full depth of what happened but say like he took over and destroyed everything they had. Later on in school when they’re older teach the depth of what actually happened.

Q: What should be celebrated instead of Columbus day?

A: I think should celebrate the Native Americans and Indigenous people who were killed and were there when Columbus came to America.

Q: Okay last question, should Rowan College of South Jersey observe Columbus Day?

A: No, there are so many colleges and universities around the country who do not observe it so why should we

America is a country for everyone and Native Americans were here first. Christopher Columbus did not discover it. He was a terrible person and should not be celebrated. The celebration of him is disrespectful to Native Americans and Indigenous people all around the country. Instead of celebrating him we should celebrate them and their bravery and their lives. Schools across the country should switch what they teach about him and tell the truth. Students should know America was not discovered by him and what he did. All in all, Columbus day should be forgotten and should be known as Indigenous People day to celebrate all indigenous people around the country.

Art and its Impact

By: Charan Jot Rattan


Rowan college of south jersey offers many classes when it comes to electives. An art of some kind is always required for each major. One class in particular that stands out from the choices is Art Appreciation. I took Art Appreciation my first semester in college. I have always loved art, artists, painting and much more when it comes to art. I have always been in awe whenever I see a famous painting or learn about a new artist. My favorite painter is Claude Monet. His waterlilies painting always makes me happy when I see it. Art has changed so much over the years and in the Art Appreciation class you learn about different ways art has changed and all the different techniques.

When you take the class and go to the bookstore to get your supplies for the class you buy an entire kit. The kit has everything you need for the class so that you don’t have to buy everything separately. In the kit you get a sketchbook, colored pencils, pastel colors, paint, brushes etc. I like that they think of the students in that way instead of making them buy all the things separately you have it ready for you to use.

The class is at the Millville Arts and Innovation center which is only a few minute drive from the college. In the Arts and Innovation center there is a mini gallery of art and exhibit of the current artist that is there. It gives students the chance to see new art they haven’t seen. The professor takes the students to see the gallery during class as well. Art is a great way to expand your horizons and learn new things. From the arts we have learned so much culture and new things. I am a lover of Art and you too can be a lover of art.


Campus Life

By: Charan Jot Rattan


Campus life can be fun but also stressful. I talked a student and friend at Rowan about their day to day life. Being a student and working full time and doing volunteer work can stress anyone out. Many students have more to their life than just doing school work and coming to class. Let’s see how this student handles it.

Q: What is your name?


A: Cynthia Lascarez


Q: What is your major?


A: My Major is Biological Science and I minor in Chemistry, Neuroscience, psychology pre-health


Q: How many classes do you take?


A: I take 5 classes



Q: Wow that is a lot are there any other things you do besides going to school?


A: Yes I do research for the school when I am not in class and I have grant meetings and I volunteer at Inspira.


Q: So you have a full plate of work. How do you manage your stress?


A: I workout a lot and do kick boxing classes and I also hangout with my friends as a stress reliever because they help me get away from my crazy life. Whenever I have a stressful week I work out a lot because it helps me decompress and just refresh from everything.


Q: That sounds fun it is always a great to get away from your life for a little. Would you say that you like going to college and enjoy getting an education?


A: I do because I want to further my career and become someone who helps people and make my family proud. I want to be able to help people and treat people who can’t afford hospitals.


Q: What is the career you are trying to pursue?


A: I want to go to Medical School and become an Infectious Disease Doctor. The lab I do research at is for working with Infectious Diseases and how to stop them and slow them down.


Q: Wow that is really good. Okay last question, do you like going to Rowan?


A: Yes I do because the campus is an ideal location. I’m near so many things and my close to my family. I have such a busy life and I am always on the run so being super close to my family is an amazing thing because after a long stressful week I can go home and relax with them and just getaway.


Cynthia Lascarez is a full time student who also works, volunteers in her community. She manages stress by working out, hanging out with friends. Students who have hectic schedules often have hobby’s to have a sense of getting away from their life. There are so many students who work and go to class and they have such busy lives, but they still manage to make it to class and do their work. Students who work and go to school get things done and have a busy schedule. They have crazy lives and do so much to further their life and career and get their degree. Students love going to Rowan because it is right near their home, but they still get the feeling of being away for school. They offer so many classes and have tons of different majors. You can also go to the Rowan College of South Jersey which is good for the people who don’t want to go to the main campus. I enjoy going to the south jersey campus. It is close to my home and I take classes for the fraction of a cost I would at an university. Students work to get forward in life and Rowan helps them with that. Everyone should think about going to Rowan if they want to further their education and go forward with their career. Rowan is  a great college and great place for succeeding.


How to Improve Mental Health on Campus

By: Charan Rattan

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Stress. These are all present in students lives every day. Whether its from problems they deal with at home or the weight of their school. Most students work and go to school full time. They stress themselves out to the maximum level. Students who strive to be the best at everything end up paying the price with their mental health. They don’t take care of themselves because they’re too worried about getting that A on the test. Students should care for their mental health just as much as they do their grade.

There are so many ways to take care of yourself when it comes to your mental health. Start with breathing exercises. Every day for two do some breathing exercises just to relax yourself and help with your anxiety. When you feel anxious your breathing gets heavy and you feel out of breath, but with deep breathing exercises you feel calm, cool and collected. Another way to help with anxiety is doing something called grounding. Grounding is when you use your senses to bring focus to what is going on physically instead being engulfed with your thoughts.

  • Grounding
    • 5 things you can see
    • 4 things you can touch
    • 3 things you can hear
    • 2 things you can smell
    • 1 thing you can taste

This helps you feel less anxious makes you focus on your surroundings rather than your thoughts.

Mental Health Counseling is also available on campus. If anyone is ever feeling to stressed out or too much on their mind, seeing the mental health counselor is great way to talk to someone without feeling judged or pressured. They are there for us. They do not need to the school any of your information anything you tell them is between you and them. Its like going to on campus therapy, but its cost-free. Most people avoid therapy because of the cost, but the on-campus mental health counselor is free for students.

College campuses around the country are also getting on-campus therapy dogs. People in between classes can play with the dogs and just hang out with them. Animals help with mental health and can boost your mood. Another way to help take care of yourself is doing things you love to do. Whether is reading a good mystery novel or going to the movies with your best friends every week. You should do it because it gives you something to look forward to in the week. The semester has just started and there is so much going on in your life. Take a moment for yourself so you don’t get stressed and just breathe. You can get through this semester and the entire school year. Follow these tips and speak to someone if you need help. The college cares about your mental health.




Is Homework Pointless?


Staff Writer

Education is a journey that almost every American begins. Along with the rise of learning and teaching, comes homework. Homework has a negative connotation from when it is first assigned in beginning levels, up to college level. It is the classic “weekend killer.” Homework is assigned to supply the student with extra help and support with the content that is discussed within that day; however, does it actually help? 

The article entitled “Does Homework Help You Learn, on The Learning Network, stated that in 2008 survey, one-third of parents polled rated the quality of their children’s homework assignments as fair or poor. Four out of the 10 surveyed believe that the assignments were assigned as “busywork.” When a student brings home their homework, they usually receive help from their parents. It can be frustrating as a parent if they feel that the assignment is not helping their child’s education. The Program for International Student Assessment released in December 2011 that the Americans students are mired in the middle of international rankings: 17th in reading, 23rd in science, and 31st in math. 

Cathy Vatterott, an education professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, supports a rule for students with homework. The “10-minute rule” is the maximum amount of time homework should take a student per grade. She expressed that just because a student does homework, that doesn’t mean they are going to perform better. She questioned, “does homework cause achievement, or do high achievers do more homework, correlation is not causation.” Vatterott believes instead of quantity of homework, the quality should be the main focus.  

Image result for homework

Principal Jackie Glasheen of Kelly Elementary School said in an interview with a local TV station, “We want them to go to soccer practice or football practice, and we want them to go to bed. And that’s it.” Schools have been following along with this debate and eliminating homework. A New York City public school eliminated traditional homework assignments in favor of family time. There are those who were outraged; however, it earned a lot of support from parents and other education leaders.  

Schools should take the community into consideration when it comes to students’ educational plans. Teachers could also try less traditional homework styles to compensate for the ten-minute rule. Some teachers have been doing a “flip classroom.” I had a few teachers who participated in this style of teaching. It allows the student to read or watch videos about a lesson, and then do the actual homework in class. This allowed the students to get the quality leaning they needed in the lesson instead of having busy work. The students would review the material at home, then apply the learned material in class. Educators encourage the students and parents to become involved in the educational journey. They want the families to communicate with the teacher to see if they can provide a better style of homework or teaching that works best for that student. Overall, if a student can’t get their teacher to do the “no homework policy,” they should express to their teachers that they are struggling and create a new plan for their education.