A New Face for CCC

Construction ArtBy Casie Armstrong

Cumberland County College’s $18 million construction project is well underway and proving to be a great success as new degrees, new college partnerships, and even more parking are offered for all students.
Construction on campus at CCC is coming to its final stages within this next year. The $18 million project spanned from renovating to adding on a wing to nearly all of the buildings on campus at CCC.
The most significant change to be expected is the Shirlee and Bernard Brown University Center project costing $5,770,068. Fifty percent of the money for the center came directly from Cumberland County. One million dollars were donated by Shirlee and Bernard Brown, hence the name. The other 50% was provided by the state of New Jersey.
Construction on the University Center is expected to be complete by October 28th of this year. This 5-year plan includes constructing and opening the 17,000 sq ft building which will provide students with upper level university programs without having to leave the county for different colleges. Some of the colleges, who have partnered with Cumberland County College, include Wilmington College, Farleigh Dickinson University, Georgian Court University and Montclair State University.
The last phase of construction will be on the Academic building and is expected to be finished by August of 2008. The plan is to begin work onon three second floor classrooms at a time. During that time, certain classes may have to be relocated, but by working on three classrooms at a time, the hope is that each class will only have to move once. This project is estimated to cost $4,260,779.
The $3,771,422 construction to the Wheaton building is expected to be complete by December of this year. The construction includes add-ons, offices, and an additional 50% of exosting space for the nursing program.
The roads and parking construction began this summer along with construction on CCC’s new “front door” at the Student Services Building. The roads and parking was complete as of Monday, September 17th. This construction opened up two new parking lots (J and K) which have greatly relieved traffic as well as illegal parking. These lots would have opened sooner but the lighting and walkway were too dangerous for students. There is hope to open three more parking lots next to parking lot K in the future.