Top 5 summer movies


Photograph Courtesy of Michael Lopergolo



MICHAEL LOPERGOLO                                                                                                         Staff Writer

It will soon be that time of the year, when cinema’s all over America take a break from the slow drama based films and make way for the action packed block busters that have become such a crucial part of the summer season. In contrast to the previous summer, this summer’s collection which seemed to really only create three memorable pieces (Iron man 2, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and Inception), while producing a massive array of stinkers (The Last Airbender, Twilight: Eclipse), The list of films set to appear on the silver screen this year seems to be promising.


#1. ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’


It is very safe to say that it would almost be a blasphemous jester to put any movie other than Harry Potter in the number one slot. Continuing where ‘part 1’ left off the battle between the good and evil forces of the wizarding world will into an all-out war. And fans of this film will witness the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. For those who have grown up

with the series, this is something long in the waiting. The series will come to an ending which should leave most fans satisfied . Needless to say Harry Potter is the Epic conclusion to a long loved series that will raise the bar for the rest this summer. Look forward to seeing it in theaters July 15th.

#2 ‘Thor’ & ‘Captain America:


The First Avenger’ Due to their being a part of the same series, Thor and Captain America have been placed in the same slot. Based on the comic books of the same name, both Captain America and Thor a part of the Marvel Studio’s series which began with ‘Ironman’ in 2008. Each will go together this summer with Thor leading and Captain America ultimately leading into the ‘Avengers movie’set to be released in the next year. Thor, The Viking God of Thunder is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Captain America will follow a young soldier during WW2, who is enlisted in a secret military operation, where he is physically transformed into a super-soldier. Both films will have different takes on the super hero genre, as Thor will take on a more mystical approach, while Captain

America will be a period piece. We can expect “Thor” to hit the big screen on May 6th, and “Captain America: The First Avenger” to premiere June, 22nd.

#3 “Super 8”


Like anything produced, written, or directed by J.J. Abrams, it usually is shrouded in mystery right up until it’s release. This remains true with Abrams’ upcoming science fiction thriller “Super 8”. with little information available aside from trailer for the film, in which an unseen figure escapes from a freight train. Abrams was the creative mind behind “Lost”, “Cloverfield”, and the smash hit reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise. If any of his previous projects have proven anything, we can be certain that Abrams will keep us guessing till the end, and will take us on an unbelievable thrill ride that we never expected to see. Super 8 is set to be released on June, 10.

4. “Cowboys and Aliens”


Is it even necessary to write anything else? The title Is self explanatory, a film set in the old

west in which classic Clint Eastwood archetypes are pinned against extraterrestrial invaders just reeks of epic. and will likely deliver the amount of awesomeness it’s  very title hints at. And if there was any way to add a cherry to the top is would be putting Daniel Craig(of James Bond fame) a Harrison Ford ( of Star Wars and Indiana Jones fame) you can catch Cowboys and Aliens July 28th.

#5. “ Winnie The Pooh”


It’s a complete change in tone and may even raise some eyebrows at first glance, but common it’s Winnie the Pooh. Any student on this campus who grew up with Disney movies remembers watching the original movie at least once. And even though it’s something you’d likely take your kids to, it’s one of those movies you cant help but not like, even if you don’t want to admit it. The film will not be a remake but will tell the stories from the original book, that were not portrayed in the original film. If you are looking for a good nostalgic feeling Winnie the Pooh is that movie to see. Look for it in theaters July 15th.




Saving lives one drop at a time


Redcross Nurse handling donated blood.






Want to make a difference in the world? Give blood. Seriously, by giving a pint of blood you can potentially save the lives of three people. On March 2, CCC hosted a blood drive courtesy of The American Red Cross in the gymnasium. Right now blood is a great need as a result of cancelations due to winter storms.

Head nurse, Ann Simpkins explained, “We’re at a point right now where we need as many donors as we can to resupply the blood we need.”

The process itself isn’t as hard as you might think. Simpkins describes it as a 45-minute process, but the actual donation takes only 10-15 minutes. If you’ve never donated blood before they’ll just ask you to read information so you know why you’re donating. They do a “type screen” so they know what your blood type is for the next time. However, you could possibly be deferred for reasons such as, medication you take or place you’ve traveled to. If you do pass, they will do a mini medical history then take you’re your pulse and temperature. From there, they take a little drop of blood to make sure you have enough iron to give safely and then you’ll have to answer a series of questions on the computer.

“Then you go to the donor room where you actually give that pint of blood. After that you go to canteen and enjoy cookies, juice and social time with other donors to make sure that you’re rehydrated,” explained Simpkins.

The most useful blood type is O negative. People who have O negative blood types are encouraged to donate because O positive is the universal blood type that can be received by anyone. AB positive and AB negative are the least common blood types, while O positive and A positive are the most common.

“The best thing about giving blood is knowing that you’re saving a life,” said CCC student Victoria Moffet.

CCC student and current Miss Cumberland County, Angelica Nardi also donated that day saying, “I’ve given blood before, but I’m currently running for Miss New Jersey an nating is part of my community service. The only side effect from giving blood is it makes me feel hot and dizzy afterwards.”

With blood being low right now it’s crucial to donate. To find out about future blood drives, go to and simply type in your zip code to find a list of blood drives taking place in your area.

      • 1 pint can save up to 3 lives
      • 8 different blood type donations needed
      • A person can donate every 56 days
      • Actual blood donation only takes 10-15 minutes
      • All blood types are in serious need



Amnesty international club


Students rallying in New York City



Staff Writer

The Amnesty International club is one of the many clubs offered at Cumberland County College. Its mission is to assist the less fortunate on local and global levels in regards to human rights issues.

Students usually sign up for the Amnesty club in order to help people from all walks of life that are prohibited from exercising their human rights. Members can exercise their right to freedom of speech to help others, while being part of this club. “Seeing so many people that believe in the same cause and are actually able make a difference fulfills me,” says vice president Alex Huegel.

Amnesty International is involved in numerous human rights activities. Such as; “Get on the Bus” a once a year peaceful protest that occurs in New York City in front of worldwide embassies. The event is meant to gather support for people who can’t speak on their own behalf in regards to the injustices that are being inflicted upon them. This event has been very effective in getting issues addressed and resolved. Imprisoned journalists have been recently released from prisons in countries where speaking the truth about the government is not permitted.

“Amnesty makes sure that individuals in prison are not forgotten,” says club advisor Kate Mather.

The club also partakes in several fundraisers during the year for domestic violence victims, natural disaster victims and victims in third world countries that have had their rights refused. The club members are very proud of their efforts and accomplishments.

“Being a member of the Amnesty club is a good time and a learning experience. It is so fulfilling if you want to feel like you are making a difference. The club makes ideas into actions,” states Jenny Adamski club president.

The Amnesty club has been around for about 50 years. The CCC chapter was formed about 5five years ago. The club consists of about 10 members and is always recruiting new members. The club meets on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. in room 13 in the Academic building.




Tony award winning show comes to CCC

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It was an all too familiar situation for the cast of  ‘Damn Yankees’, on Monday February 7, as newcomers and veterans of the Guaraccini stage met up for the first read through.
Happy reuinions were cut short as  the cast  and crew,  gathered around the stage to begin the long rigorous days of choreography andsinging that will ultimately lead  up to the final product in April. “The cast is amazingly talented.” said newcomer Catherine Kennedy, “This is my first production with CCC, and everyone is so accepting and welcoming. I’ve already made a lot of new and awesome friends”.
Based on the novel “The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant” by Douglas Wallop ,
‘Damn Yankees’ is a modern retelling of the Faust legend set during the 1950’s in Washington D.C. When Major League Baseball was dominated by the New York Yankees. The story tells of Joe Boyd a middle aged husband who is offered a chance to be a Major League Baseball super star if he sells his soul to the devil. Joe is then transformed into young Joe Hardy and is  immediately recruited by the Washington Senators. But now that Joe has everything he’s wanted he must decided  between his modest lifestyle and loving wife and his new life of fame and fortune, and whether the consequences are worth it.

The show originally premiered on Broadway on May 5, 1955, and ran for a total of 1,019 performances.,   The production starred Gwen Verdon in the role of Lola and Ray Waston as Applegate (the Devil). The musical also featured Jean Stapleton,, who was also known for her role as Edith Bunker on ‘All in The Family’. A Broadway revivalpened at the Marquis Theater on March 3, 1994 and ran for 718 performances.

Bebe Neuworth and Jerry Lewis played the parts of Lola and Applegate respectively. Some notable songs from the show include “Heart”, “ Shoeless Joe”, and “Goodbye Old Wife”. The original production had won the Tony Award for Best Musical, and its revival earned the Tony for best revival of a musical.

If you go…

Damn Yankees will premiere on April 14 at 8:00 p.m., 15  at 8:00 p.m., 16 at 2:00 p.m. & 8:00 p,m., and 17 at 3:00 p.m. . Tickets can be purchased now at the Fine  Performing Arts Center box office. For more information contact the box office 856-692-8499 or visit

Battle of the social networks


Staff Writer

Facebook. Twitter. Both are social networking websites, but which one is found more favorable?

Facebook allows one to view fellow facebooker’s statuses, which usually highlight what people are doing. Common posts are  favorite quotes, songs, photos, or videos. On Facebook, you’re able to comment on each other’s pages, pictures, and status’s. When you enter someone’s Facebook page you are able to view their race,  high school or college they attend, religious views, political views, favorite music, athletes, movies, interest, gender, and relationship status. You can also send messages to a mass amount of people. You can create events where you can select people on Facebook to invite, where they can respond whether they are attending, not attending, or maybe attending. Similar to AIM, Facebook has instant messenger. With this, you can instant message someone who is on Facebook and chat without anyone else being able to view it. Facebook and Twitter both  have features where you can “check in” somewhere, telling friends where you are located at that particular time.

Twitter is also a social networking site. It allows one to send and read messages or “statuses” called “Tweets”. Twitter describes their site as getting, “Easy, free, and instant updates.  Get access to the information that interests you most.” Twitter has “followers” rather than “friends”. Twitter is publically visible, but you can restrict people other then your followers from viewing your posts. On Twitter one is able to “follow” friends and celebrities.  Although Twitter is a popular site, Facebook was found more favorable amongst students here at Cumberland County College.

When asked about TwitterCCC student Qwame Delvalle said, “It is confusing and has nothing on Facebook.”

Many students at CCC have never even been on Twitter.

Student at CCC Jocelyn Bluitt said, “ I don’t know what Twitter is.” Student Stevan Austino stated that he has never even used Twitter before.

Another student, Jamie Wettstein said, “If you want to stalk celebrities and see what they’re doing every five minutes then twitter is the way to go. I don’t care about celebrities so I’d rather go on Facebook.”

When asked about Facebook vs. Twitter Danielle Sergiacomi said, “I think Facebook is nosey, but I couldn’t live without it! Facebook helps people keep in touch, which is great, but then again most people just use it to snoop on other people’s lives. I still like it though. I don’t use Twitter and a really don’t know much about it. I think it’s people putting up status’s that are unnecessary and stupid. If you want to tell people what your doing put it on Facebook because more people have it and care about it.

Commencement ceremony


Staff Writer

Students enjoying last year's graduation.


Graduation. What are you expecting on this great day of receiving the honor of achievement that has taken you two years to accomplish? Did you accomplish the goals that you set out for yourself within the two years that you were here? Did you start out on a road of hard rocks and dirt gravel? Some of us can honestly say that we all began with a plan, whether or not the plan went as intended. However, the end of your road is near. What do you need to do to make this day happen?

After speaking with Mr. Hibbs, CCC Executive Director of student life and campus services, his main concern for students planning to graduate is to have your graduation petition in by March 1. Unfortunately that deadline has come and gone.

“Late petitioners are not guaranteed a position in commencement,” said Hibbs.

The petition process usually takes up to a few weeks to review according to Hibbs. All students should have their application fee of  50 dollars ready and in hand when the petition application is submitted. Commencement will be held Thursday, May 19 for all students completing degree requirements between Sept. 1, 2010 and August 31 of this year. Eligible students will receive information regarding commencement and cap and gown by mid April. The grad petition fee does not cover cap and gown cost.

As the students prepare for this year’s graduation ceremony, the question will arise as to who will be your student speaker. A student speaker is a representative from the class who will speak on your behalf. While speaking with Mr. Hibbs on this great topic of selecting a student speaker, at this point in time the election has not taken place as of yet. However; if you’re planning to graduate this spring and you would like to speak on the behalf of your class, get prepared. Letters to the graduates usually go out around the week after the March 8. The candidate for the graduation student speaker needs to submit their application by March 31 to the Student life office.


The budget: how it affects your tuition


Staff Writer

The budget is an essential part of CCC. It helps administration know if areas can be expanded or if they need to be decreased.

Budget planning is a year-round process. The college waits until July for the state budget approval in order to know how much money they receive from the state.

The college was funded under the assumption that revenue would come from three places: the state, the county, and tuition/fees. Each source would provide one-third of the money.

“By statute, the State is required to provide county colleges with funding equal to 43% to 50% of operating expenses of the base year. By  statute, the County is required to provide funding of at least 25% of operating expenses of the base year,” said John Pitcher, the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.

The state has not been meeting their requirements. The students have had to pay the difference through their tuition. The increase in tuition over the last 4 years has had a direct correlation with the decrease in funding by the state of New Jersey.

Tuition and most fees are measured on a per credit hour basis. Currently, student tuition, minus fees, is $99 per credit hour. The state average is $101.15. Until the state or county are able to increase their aid, tuition will rise. The college is anticipating a 10% decrease in state aid and a $5 increase in tuition per credit hour for 2011-2012.

If the state paid the full 33% that it is supposed to, tuition would drop to $56 per credit hour.

Ideas to spice up your spring break!


Staff Writer

Spring break is a short vacation from school for students to relax and enjoy their time off.  Students enjoy this time away from school, but what can students actually do to fill their time? Below are some Spring Break ideas you can try:

Road trip

Grab some friends and your GPS and take off.  Road trips can be fun and cheap. Experience scenic views; visit family and friends, stay at hotels, go shopping, visit big cities, let loose and just get away.


Plan a vacation with family or friends. There are plenty of spring break destinations. Grab your sun block and your flip-flops and enjoy the time wherever you go.


This can be an amazing experience. Get in touch with nature and your surroundings. You can stay in a tent, RV, or a cabin with your closest friends. You can go fishing, canoeing, and make a campfire. But don’t forget the bug spray!


This is the cheapest option and it can make you feel good for helping others. You can give blood, tutor, or help cleanup in your community. Whatever you choose, it is bound to be a fulfilling experience.

Along with the recreational activities that you can do, here are events happening in your community:

• Dancing with the Cumberland County Stars, Friday, March 18, 6-11p.m: Evening begins with cocktails followed by a buffet, dinner and dancing. Music provided by Jack Neff Band. Tickets are $45. Proceeds benefit the Cumberland     County TEC Foundation Scholarship Fund.

• Dog obedience classes will be held on Wednesday evenings, starting on March 16 and ending on April 20. Classes will be held at the 4-H Center located at 291, Morton Avenue in Rosenhayn.

• The Millville Army Air Field Museum will be hosting its next Movie Night on Tuesday, March 8, starting at 6 p.m. in the Henry E. Wyble Research Library at the Millville Airport.

The evenings featured film will be ‘To Hell and Back’, the true-life story of America’s most decorated hero, Audie Murphy. The

guest speaker will be Robert Trivellini. He will show a brief educational film that honors veterans interviewed by students in the Museum’s Veteran Interview Project. Admission is free.

Whether you go on a short road trip with friends, tutor a fellow student, or give back to your community, do something different during your spring break this year so you can cherish the memories you created.

Advisement Day


Staff Writer

Why is April 12 important to you? It is Advisement Day!

Students, are you aware of the days that the school is closed this semester, and the reasons why the school is closed? Of course, we are all aware of bad weather closings, but what about the important dates like March 3, March 14, and April 12? Respectively, Development Day, Spring Break, and Advisement Day are important dates to the entire college community for different reasons. Many of you are not familiar with exactly what these dates mean. For many of us, these dates are much needed, but knowing why is the next step.

I know when I first started at CCC it was so wonderful to have off from school to relax at home. However, for some, these dates were days to receive advice on the next step of their career. Because of this, the most important date of them all is Advisement Day. Why? Because Advisement Day stands for:













Advisement Day is reserved for students to identify the correct courses to pursue for their degree. Students meet with their advisors one-on-one to make sure that the credits they are accumulating are transferable.

Advice is something that we all should seek and take into consideration. As CCC EOF Director Dr. Tracey Thomas says, “use the resources that are at hand to advance your education.” Also, she affirms that if you enter the school and you test into developmental courses, take the developmental courses first. However, “you should take the freshman seminar course as well,” says Tracey. You may have been an “A” student in high school, but college and high school are very different entities. College is diverse. You need to be prepared to study and multi-task. This is not to say in high school you didn’t multi task, but as Tracey says, “your study habits in college change.” Tracey also states “for every course you’re taking, you should set aside 2 to 3 hours a week per class to study.”

To become a successful student in college, you will use those two to three hours and more! The only way you would know this information is through advisement. That’s why it is important to take the time to sit with your advisor to help make sense of your college schedule, your major, and your career path. The mistake that many students make is they come to the school with a master plan and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But, if you use the CCC resources available to you, you will not detour on your road to success.




School’s in for summer


Staff Writer

Everyone loves summertime. There’s great weather and it’s a great time to relax and get away from the grind of school. But to be honest, students are given more than enough time off for summer vacation. With more than three months of free time, CCC offers plenty of summer classes for students to take advantage of.

Students can choose from a large selection of summer classes, broken up into three different sessions spanning from June to August. CCC offers many of the same courses and professors that they normally do during the spring and fall semesters. The Summer I classes run from May 23 to June 27. Summer II classes run from June 20 to Aug. 15.  Summer III offers classes from July 5 to Aug. 15. Taking summer classes can be very beneficial to those who are trying to graduate as soon as possible, or for those who simply have nothing better to do in the summer and want to be productive. Holly Preston, a paralegal major at CCC, took a summer class to avoid a heavy workload the next semester.

“I loved it! It was very interactive and there weren’t that many people in my class. My professor taught only the one class so she didn’t have other students to worry about.”

To sign up, students can go to the enrollment office to speak with an advisor or register online. Course schedules are released in April around the same time as Advisement day. Unfortunately, summer classes can’t be paid for using financial aid. There are other options however. Instead of paying for the classes you would like to take all at once, you can make small payments over time leading up to the classes. The earlier you sign up, the better.

“The fact that you don’t have to take a fifteen week long course and get done in six weeks is great. You’re learning the same material, just at a faster pace.” Preston went on to say, “ I don’t need to, but if I had to take more summer classes I definitely would.”

If you want to be more productive this summer, CCC summer classes are the way to go. Make the choice to sacrifice some of your precious summer vacation because it will be worth it to spend extra time on campus to further your education.