The great debate is the smoking ban

Staff Writer

PTK and Student Senate have been discussing the idea of a smoking ban campus wide. They have been initiating ideas that are both practical and realistic. One of the ideas involves building smoke shelters in designated areas around the campus, in hopes that it will defeat the current issue of smoking near the buildings. For now, Student Senate is trying to “create awareness, realistically set up a solution, and be proactive about the issue of smoking on campus,” said Anthony Martin, Senate Secretary.
“It comes down to a matter of respect for non-smokers,” said Kellie Slade, Director of Student Life and Athletics.
The issue still remains that respect for non-smoking members of CCC is not being regarded. People are smoking right in front of the entrances and leaving their cigarette butts on the ground. Not only does the smoke itself remain a problem to asthmatic students and faculty, but it is also inconsiderate to leave cigarette butts lying all over the ground.
Though many would like to see smoking be banned from campus, for example, the College’s budget simply does not have the funding to employ such an idea; the manpower alone would be costly.
When asked if the rumor was true that the Cumberland County College was going to become a smoke free campus John Pitcher, Vice President and Phi Theta Kappa director, Sharon Kewish both agreed that it was merely a discussion.
The Student Senate has been investigating all aspects of the idea and will be doing everything they can to see that a solution to non-smokers rights is proposed, but the discussion was initially introduced by PTK.
No doubt the no smoking campaign will be a big controversy on campus. Students and faculty already have strong opinions about this issue.
Tony Abriola, Grounds and Facility Superintendant, states “I think it is a great idea,” while students like Christa Mosley who said “smokers should have the right to smoke outside,” disagree.
Putting regulation signs that state “No smoking within 25 feet of the building” and setting up butt cans around the campus have not worked to keep smokers away from the entrances.
Students and faculty who have an opinion about smoking on campus can take their ideas to the Student Senate, who holds meetings weekly on Thursdays, from 2:00 – 3:22 in the Academic Building in room A13.