Season of Giving: CCC’s Adopt-a-Family & Celebration of Lights Events

Each year since 2002, campus personnel and students come together to donate food items to be included in a Thanksgiving basket for 24 to 30 area families in need. Various schools throughout the community identify these families. This occasion has become one of our most rewarding and cherished events.

In late October, an email will be sent out to CCC staff and students requesting them to “adopt” a family with a suggested shopping list attached.  Large plastic tubs are provided to those wishing to adopt a family. There will be 6 families from each school with each family identified only by first name, gender and age. Baskets are due by the Monday (11/19) before Thanksgiving delivered to the gym.  Schools will pick up all of their baskets and deliver to each family on Tuesday (11/20). 

Email from one of the schools:

Dear Jean, Keith and CCC Volunteers,

I would like to thank you all for the bountiful Thanksgiving baskets and your time. You constantly amaze me with your generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you for thinking of Sabater School once again and I look forward to seeing all of you at the Celebration of Lights program.   


Kenny Smith

Sabater Elementary School

Social Worker

On December 12, 2018, during this festive time of the year, the college, in cooperation with area schools, identifies 24 young children from needy families. Each child will have 4 tags placed on the Christmas tree and CCC staff and students select one or more tags to purchase a Christmas gift for each child (2 toys, a coat & shirt & pants).  Also included is a special visit from Santa and his elves that pass out the wrapped gifts to each child.  The entire college community looks forward to this favorite and heartwarming event in the Luciano Conference Banquet room between 12:30 to 2:30pm.

During the celebration, the young students will each receive a large plush stocking filled with candy and other miscellaneous stocking stuffers. They will have a chance to visit various stations and learn about different holiday traditions from around the world.  


Celebration of Lights includes:

• Face Painting 

• Children’s craft station 

• Boxing Day 

• Hanukkah 

• Kwanzaa 

• Winter Solstice

• Traditional Christmas

• Christmas Around the World with Vets 

• Three Kings Day 

• Story Time 

• Carolers and live music

• Food samples from each cultural holiday


Join CCC’s Media Club: Networking Opportunities for You

Staff Writer 

Since 2011, CCC’s Media Club has been improving with age and experience. The first few years, the club planned successful fundraising events to raise money for scholarships and produced the first ever, Annual Poetry Slam event. 

As of 2018, this club has raised over $500 each year for scholarships, implemented six or more fundraisers, planned five Poetry Slam events, and attended ABC, CBS, Phillies, and Sixers media tours and events to combine their love of learning with some Philly fun!

 Media Club’s purpose is to promote media communications in all its forms: television, radio, Internet, written publication, photography, publishing, editing and new technologies.

 Media Club meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month in FPAC building in the F4 classroom at 2pm. Any student, in any major is welcome to join us. 

 The executive team leaders for this year’s Media Club are:

La’Tonia Carnegie, President

Ryan Ellis, Vice President

Secretary, Suzette Maldanado

Other members include: Andrew Snowman, Meghan Cleary, Eric Perez, Jennifer Williams, and Tony Malese, and Dennis Damiano.

 These officers plan and implement all the Media club events, trips and fundraisers. The club also provides monetary support for our equipment needs to enhance or Communication classes including cameras, lighting trees, portable audio consoles, and editing software.

 This year’s Media Club is looking for more members to join. So far this year, Media Club has a Halloween bake sale planned as well as a tour of IHEART radio and the Philadelphia Art Museum in early November. All active members can attend and only pays $5 to participate.

 In May, Media Club leaders will produce the Sixth Annual Poetry Slam event in the Theater in FPAC in early May 2019. Media Club are always looking for performers to share with spoken word poetry and other volunteers to help backstage and with publicity.


If you need more information or you are interested in joining CCC’s Media Club, contact the Club President, La’Tonia Carnegie at

Getting to the Finish Line


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How am I going to pay for college? How do I complete my FAFSA? Is there anyone who can help me? Why is this process so stressful? If you find yourself, asking these questions, read on. 

Transitioning from high school into college can be a scary thing. Coming back to school after a long break can be challenging. Stepping onto campus and walking the halls to your classes can be intimidating and intense. Needless to say, a little help could go a long way.

Take a step into the Student & Enrollment Services Center and walk down to the Educational Opportunity Fund office. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the friendly face of the Administrative Specialist, Yajaira Montero. She can answer almost any question and will sure to leave you smiling. 

But the services don’t stop there. According to the CCC website, EOF provides the opportunity of higher education for students who would not be able to attend college without financial assistance and support services. EOF offers financial assistance, counseling, transfer assistance, and tutoring. The office is staffed with qualified counselors who are there to help you. 

There is criteria to be eligible: income, being a full-time student, a resident of New Jersey for one year before receiving the grant, and you show the potential to succeed in college. More details on the application is listed on the website but, essentially, you apply online and wait for a reply by the department. If the requirements are met, there is an interview. 

The program offers a wide variety of workshops: FAFSA Renewal, Financial Literacy, Strategies for Overcoming Test Anxiety, and Rip the Resume with Torrin Ellis. There is also a summer institute, a free program which further prepares students for the college experience. Everything they do, throughout the semester, is designed to benefit the student in college and for their life in the professional field. There are also trips and college tours. 

Jaylynn is a student at CCC and also an EOF student. When asked in what ways EOF has benefited her, she wrote, “EOF has benefited me with many resources, and big opportunities. I was able to conduct and continue my studies very well after EOF gave me the extra guidance that I needed. I would say EOF has been a great support system in pursuing my career.” She went on to write, “ I definitely would recommend the EOF Program to others. I would say if you are a student who wants to become a leader, or become the best you can be, ou should not think twice about EOF, they will help guide you were you want to be in the fast and easiest way.”

There are tools are resources available to the students, it is up to the student to take advantage and benefit from them. If you are interested, visit the college website at

Local Artist Profile NuSoul, The Poet





Staff Writer

Upon successfully recording and releasing his debut EP, “Welcome 2 the Dawn,” along with the following hit singles on the record such as “Black Roses” and “Lyrical Assassins Pt.2;” NuSoul, the Poet, born July 23, 1993, is a Beaumont Texas-based Hip Hop/Rap artist, whose style is mostly fitting as Soul Music written like pain ridden romantic poetry spray painted on the walls of a church. 

NuSoul started putting pen to paper at age 7, writing poetry for his then elementary school girl crush, but he didn’t have the courage to express himself to her with words, because you know, the forbidden term “cooties” we’ve all been childishly stamped with during our childhood. But that didn’t stop him; he kept on writing. 

At first, The Poet wanted to be an R&B singer as he stated, “I had a really powerful voice ’til I was about 11 years old when puberty snatched my voice away and never gave it back. I didn’t know if I could rap, so I just took to songwriting. I didn’t even start really rapping ’til I was 16 or 17 years old.” 

NuSoul, in his collective musical brain, took on a variety of different genres from his elders’ past and from his childhood. 

In our discussion regarding his newly released single “Black Roses,” which is a sample beat he chose from Anita Baker’s song “Whatever It Takes,” NuSoul shared, “Anita Baker was always a favorite in the house, so naturally, when the producer made this beat, I knew instantly it would be the beat for Black Roses.” 

The Poet transitioned into a rapper whose music is a shade of classic soul, and therefore, is influenced by the minds behind some of the greatest songs ever written.Who is NuSoul’s immediate favorite artist, you ask? Well, let’s just say the Emperor of music, Prince. As a result, Nusoul, the Poet stated, “The title of my debut EP, “Welcome 2 the Dawn” was inspired by Prince, who was my favorite artist of all time. Prince used to utter these super subtle catchphrases back in the late 1980’s during the “Love Sexy” era, such as “May U Live 2 C the Dawn. As soon as I heard that catchphrase I automatically became inspired and so, my debut EP, “Welcome 2 the Dawn” instantly became the embodiment of the Dawn that Prince spoke of.” 

NuSoul continues, “However, even though this record is very much influenced by Prince that does not necessarily mean it’s going to sound exactly like Prince’s albums. It’s his spirit of creativity that motivated me to write and produce for the project I’m releasing. All I ask is that you expect supreme lyricism at its very best.”

NuSoul, the Poet has been given as an upcoming artist, is charged with a huge responsibility. God gave NuSoul the calling to lead others not just musically, but spiritually. 

The cause of saving souls and blessing ears is what NuSoul plans to do with his career. He may not save everyone, he may not reach everyone, but those he does reach, he would like to lead them to one thing, and that is, Christ. “We have to remember that the Earth is ruled by demons in high places. “The wicked strut freely when the vilest of men are exalted,” Psalm 12:8. 

Oliver with a CCC Twist


Staff Writer

Cumberland County College is known for the broad academic programs, but the BROADway quality shows they put on are also very popular. Deborah Bradshaw is the director and producer of all shows that the college produces. 

Bradshaw is a Broadway veteran singer and actress who literally brings Broadway to Vineland. She has been featured on shows such as Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, just to name a few. 

As CCC’s director and producer, she is in charge of choosing what plays the actors will present and is strategic about when the shows will go on. “I think about shows we have done and how we might present something different. With all the changes Cumberland County College is embarking on now, I felt that a family show would be in order. Next, I look at our students and how they could be utilized in addition to members of the community and our own faculty and staff. I also try to produce shows that I love and feel passionate about. Oliver is a dark show but ultimately has a happy ending,” Bradshaw explains. 

Oliver is a musical about the life of a young orphan boy who ultimately finds a forever home. Most audience members who enjoy the show, do not realize the hard work that the cast and crew put into a musical to create such an outstanding show. All shows differ, but the incredible outcome is undeniable. “The different casts in each show bring very different dynamics to the process and the productions. Oliver has eighteen children in the show that is very different for us and approximately fifty actors.  It is big and so far lots of fun!,” Bradshaw shares.

As the cast and crew rehearse for the show, they come together twice a week and are a very dedicated group. They are respectful even when being critiqued. The cast members are helpful with one another and are not shy showing off their many talents. They come ready to sing, dance, and bring Bradshaw’s Oliver vision to fruition. “I am so proud of what we have accomplished.  Sometimes, I want to freeze frame a moment because when the show is over, we have to put it away alongside wonderful memories. There is definitely a recovery period or mourning process after every show,” shares Bradshaw.

The cast have the utmost respect for their director and show it in their constant dedication in Oliver. With the show quickly approaching, opening day is the most nerve wracking as closing day is emotional for all according to Bradshaw, “Opening is exciting and nerve racking because I feel the nerves in the air from the actors and I want it all to go as rehearsed. I worry about the technical end and everyone’s feelings. Closing is emotional, for everyone, lots of pictures, cards, gifts and tearful hugs. I would say I hit the spectrum of emotion from opening through closing.” 

CCC’s production of Oliver will premiere November 15, 2018 and November 16, 2018 at 8pm. Other show times include November 17 at 2pm and 8pm. The last day to catch the show will be November 18 at 3pm. 

There are no excuses to miss this phenomenal show. “It takes an army and a leap of faith. We have faculty, staff, alumni, current students and community actors involved in this production.  Give theatre at Cumberland County College a chance and spend an evening with us!” exclaims Bradshaw. From Oliver’s heartfelt journey to all of the musical numbers, this show will not disappoint.

Midterm Election Races are Heating Up in New Jersey


Staff Writer

On November 6, voters across the country will be heading to the polls to vote in the 2018 midterm elections. This year’s midterms are shaping up to be one of the most consequential and contentious in recent memory.

All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 35 seats in the United States Senate will be up for election. Along with federal elections, there are 39 state and territorial gubernatorial elections as well as many other state and local elections that will be contested. 

Midterm elections are elections that are held every four years, near the midpoint of a president’s four-year term in office. Historically, these elections are often seen as a referendum on the current presidential administration, and the party controlling Congress. Currently, Republicans have a majority of 236 to 193 in the House, and have a razor-thin 51-49 majority in the Senate. 

Democrats are seeking to regain control of the House of Representatives and possibly win back a majority in the Senate. Republicans are hoping that their tax reform bill passed late last year, and the conformation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch will bring the base out to the polls. The GOP is also anticipating the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who retired in July. 

The biggest factor in this year’s midterms will be President Donald Trump. According to most polls, the president’s job approval rating is at or around 40%. A record number of women and minority candidates are also running for office this year.

In New Jersey, Democratic Senator Robert Menendez is facing a tough reelection against his Republican opponent, former Celgene CEO Bob Hugin. In 2015, a Florida grand jury investigated Menendez regarding his role in advocating the business interested of Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, one of Menendez’s top donors. 

Menendez was later indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice on a number of corruption charges, including bribery, fraud, and making false statements. In 2018, the Justice Department dropped all charges against Menendez. Hugin and the GOP are capitalizing on Menendez’s corruption trial while the Menendez camp is hard at work slamming Hugin as a drug company CEO who put profits over people. 

South Jersey voters in the 2nd Congressional District will also have an opportunity to vote for their next representative in Congress. Longtime Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R, Ventnor City) is retiring after 12 terms in the U.S House of Representatives. New Jersey state senator Jeff Van Drew is running as the Democratic nominee. He is being challenged by attorney Seth Grossman on the Republican side. 

Grossman has faced criticism since he won the Republican nomination. In July, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced it was withdrawing its endorsement of Grossman following a report that he shared a post from a white supremacist calling blacks a “threat to all who cross their paths”. Van Drew has also faced scrutiny for his stance as a conservative Democrat. He has an ‘A’ rating from the NRA, and has voted against raising the minimum wage and gay marriage. 

A number of third-party nominees are running for the 2nd district House seat as well including Libertarian nominee John Ordille, and independent candidates Anthony Parisi-Sanchez, William Benfer, and Dr. Steven Fenichel. These third-party candidates are outspent by Van Drew and Grossman, but several of the candidates are running on getting corporate PAC money out of politics. Parisi-Sanchez, Benfer, and Fenichel are running on a progressive platform highlighting single-payer healthcare and tackling income inequality. 

We will see on November 6, based on voter turnout, if change is coming. No matter who you will vote for, let your voice be heard, it does make a difference.


An Unexpected Ending at the U. S. Open Tennis Championship

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Ritu Prasad/BBC News Reporter

Naomi Osaka hides under her visor, masking her emotion, after defeating Serena Williams in the controverisal U. S. Open final.


Staff Writer

The U. S. open is one of, if not,  the biggest and most anticipated event of the year. Serena Williams lost to 20-year-old Japanese professional tennis player, Naomi Osaka.

I DON’T CHEAT TO WIN, I’D RATHER LOSE,” said Serena Williams as tears of frustration, anger,  and confusions ran down her cheeks as she demanded an apology from umpire Carlos Ramos for his accusation of her getting illegal coaching. 

This then sparked more frustration in Williams that led her to breaking her racket. It is no secret that Williams is the one to beat for a U. S. Open trophy. However, it was Osaka’s dream of playing against her icon Williams, her victory was bittersweet due to the boos and anger coming from the spectators after Willliams’ on court incident. Osaka held down her head in tears because it was too overwhelming for her. She didn’t expect her first win or any win to be like this. After seeing how melancholy Osaka was, Williams then confronted her with comfort and dignity like a true and noble opponent.

Williams was issued a $17,000 fgine due to her violations of verbal abuse to umpire Ramos, breaking her tennis racket and receiving coaching.

After the match Williams did an interview stating that ““I’ve seen other men call other umpires several things. I’m here fighting for women’s rights and for women’s equality and for all kinds of stuff. For me to say ‘thief,’ and for him to take a game, it made me feel like it was a sexist remark. He’s never taken a game from a man because they said ‘thief,’’ an article from Fox News quoted from William’s interview. Williams then carried on to accusing Ramos of blatant sexism because apparently it was not his first time doing this.

In 2016 at the French Open Ramos accused Williams older sister Venus Williams of also getting coaching throughout her match and just like her sister she defend herself by saying “I’m 36 years old. I play fair.” according to an article from the guardian. 

Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen headline of Serena being portrayed in the most demeaning way ever through cartoons for articles depicting a very angry female that is furious that she lost. But, it is so much more than losing… it was more of the way she lost. However, this doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to express how she feels and not be penalized for her emotions because it it were man it would’ve been said that he is outspoke.

With than being said Naomi is currently getting her shine on and even has eyes on Michael B. Jordan thanks to Ellen. Williams is back on mommy mode with her beautiful baby girl and we can definitely count on seeing her back for her win. Let’s see what the future holds for both these strong, powerful and beautiful ladies.