Fall 2017 Must-see Movies

Staff Writer

Lights, Camera, Action. 2017 has had many events and headlines, but one of the things that stand out, have been the movies. The year has been full of critically and commercially successful films in the past few months. In late February, actor director Jordan Peele, introduced the world with his horror thriller directorial debut film Get Out, about a young African-American who takes a visit to the family of his caucasian girlfriends, however once he arrives, he soon realizes that he shouldn’t have come at all. The film earned a 99% on Rotten-Tomatoes, and is a strong contender for awards season. In mid-March, Disney released a live-action adaptation of their 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast. The film has since become the years highest grossing film.
The year has been called the superhero movie year, as the year has at total of 8 movies related to superheroes. One of the most popular films that have already been released is Logan, the 10th film in the X-Men film series. The film follows an elder Logan/Wolverine, as he and a sick Professor X discover a young mutant named Laura, who turns out to be Logan’s genetically cloned daughter; however, the trio soon find themselves having to go on the run from dark forces who are planning on capturing Laura. The film was a major success with audiences and critics, stating it to be the best X-Men movie yet. The summertime also had two successful superhero films for both Marvel and DC. First was Spider-Man Homecoming, where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man finds himself up against the Volture (played by Michael Keaton). This film was praised for it’s light tone, visuals, and acting; specifically Tom Holland. CCC student Adam Clark commented on the film, “Spider-Man: Homecoming blew me away. I loved it” The next film was Wonder Woman, which showed the titular hero’s rise to heroism and battle in WWII. The film became DC Extended Universe’s most successful film and the it’s director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gabot were praised for brining the character successfully to film.
In the weeks to come, more anticipated films are still on their way. The most anticipated among fans is Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi. Premiering on December 18th, the 8th film in the Star Wars franchise will follow Rey as she continues her Jedi training. Another film to come is The Disaster Artist, a film about the making of the 2003 film The Room, which is considered to be so bad it’s good. staring James Franco as Tommy Wiseau.
With the many successful films and anticipated films to come, there’s been a lot of buzz for the Oscars. This event awards the best in cinema and this year has some films that have been constantly considered “Oscar Worthy”. Whether it’s for a category like Best Actor, Best Director, or even Best Picture, the predictions just keep flowing. One summer blockbuster that’s a high contender is Christopher Nolan’s war drama Dunkirk, most viewers say it could be the film that earns Nolan his well deserved Best Director Oscar. Other contenders include, Kathryn Bieglow’s Detroit and the previously mentioned Get Out.


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