New Edition Mini Series




The New Edition story chronologized the rise and fall of the legendary RnB group.

The Group was made up of 6 members, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Michael Bivens, Bobby Brown, Ronnie Devoe, and Ricky Bell. The mini series took viewers deep into New edition’s lives. Bobby, Michael, Ricky and Ralph, decided that they wanted to form a group. After being presented with the idea by Bobby Brown. The Group found Brook, a well-known manager from Roxbury, Massachusetts. Brook breeded New Edition into a very successful stage entertainers.

Brook used his name to perform in huge showcases to attract labels. One talent show would lead to a low budget label owner Maurice. At first, Maurice was only interested in signing Ralph because he stood out and, had the qualities of a star. Ralph would not sign without his best friends so the whole group was signed to Maurice.

Upon signing with Maurice, New edition toured the U.S. and quickly gained fame. The instant fame brought conflict in for the Group. Bobby Brown caused issues with in the group because he wanted to steal the spotlight. Brook tried his hardest to keep the group together but he was fired due to discrepencues over money. New Edition was released from Maurice’s label and they began looking for new management. The new manager, Gary evans got New Edition signed to a bigger label MCA records. Gary was all about business and he couldn’t relate to the group or show the same kind of support Brook did.

New Edition was finally making the money they deserved at this point, several hit songs, and albums like Candy girl, Telephone man, and Can You Stand the Rain. Ricky began battling with alcohol and drugs, Bobby’s behavior was bringing the group down with his behavior. Ralph was hinting towards going solo but had to do a few more albums with new edition but fear of him leaving made them add Johnny Gill. Shortly after Gill was added, Bobby went solo, Ronnie, Michael, and Ricky would leave to start their own group BBD. Ralph would go solo, New Edition had ended over money and high tensions with in the group. They would come together for special anniversary performances like B.E.T and weddings, but ultimately, they would not release another New Edition album.


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