Gardening Club Article





What is it about gardening that can cause feelings of great euphoria? Maybe it’s enveloping your hands in the rich, warm soil whilst preparing the ground for the seeds. Maybe it’s the moment when the budding flower that you grew by hand bursts into bloom, and all your hard work has finally payed off. Or maybe it’s just the overall pleasurableness of being out in a garden on a glorious day, soaking up the sun alongside of the sun thirsty seedlings.


Whatever the reason, you can now experience this green thumb bliss by joining Cumberland County College’s (CCC) brand new Gardening Club.


Now, you’re probably thinking “Gardening? Sounds intriguing but I have no experience whatsoever with this foreign hobby—I wouldn’t know the first place to start” (Got it right didn’t I? Yes, I know I must be psychic, I can read your deepest and darkest gardening questions). Don’t worry, no prior gardening knowledge is required. All you need to do is have an interest in gardening, plants, and the way that they work.


The clubs mission is to further educate students by exposure to agriculture and horticulture opportunities in the community, and at the college. It also hopes to foster greater interest in gardening not just as a hobby, but as a potential career choice as well.


This club is open to all students at CCC, not just Agriculture Majors. Club members can plant whatever type of plants they want. They already have a wide variety of ornamental, vegetable, house, and tropical plants growing in the greenhouse on campus—they even have a banana tree growing in there. Some of the members are into the art of Bonsai. This is the art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed trees and/or shrubs in a pot, to artificially prevent the plant from reaching its normal size.


Students are free—in fact they are encouraged— to explore unconventional growing techniques and environments for different types of plants. During club meetings members will learn about traditional composting, and vermicomposting, as well as aquaponics and sprinkler systems.


To get involved and stay connected on campus, the club is hoping to partner up with the maintenance crew on campus to assist with the annual spring planting.


When do they meet? An email is sent out to club members as to when they are meeting that week. Where do they meet? They meet in the Science Building’s computer lab. Most communication is posted on the Facebook group “CCC Gardening Club.” Where is the greenhouse? The greenhouse is located in the back left-hand section behind the Science Building.

If any of the above information has piqued the hidden gardener inside of you, or you have any further questions regarding the club, contact Club President Brian Magee at, or drop by the greenhouse located behind the Science building.


The club hopes to expand as much as possible, and encourages students from all majors to try gardening. See you in the greenhouse!



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