CCC’s 15th Annual Adopt a Family

By Nicole Perez

Staff writer

This year Cumberland County College had its 15th annual Adopt-A-Family for Thanksgiving. With the holidays around the corner, there are some families that find it difficult to get through this time of the year. This program allows for some families to not struggle as much during the holiday seasons. The families are chosen by social workers that select from five different school areas. This year, they chose from Petway, Dane Barse, and Sabater in Vineland. Also, R.D. Wood in Millville and the Bridgeton School District. People are given a list of families that have four to ten members so they can choose which family to adopt. Once people chose a family to adopt, they are given a basket and a list of things to put in the basket so it can be donated to the families.

The list consists of a number of items that families can use and enough food to feed their entire family for Thanksgiving. The families are even given a gift card so that they can buy a turkey or a ham, whatever they would prefer. This programs gives CCC students and staff an opportunity to give back to the community in a safe and positive way. Many people enjoy giving back to the people in our communities, especially during the holiday seasons. Rachel DiMauro says, “This is my second year helping out with this event, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. To help these families and these schools out, to give back to the community, it’s an incredible opportunity, especially at this time of the year. I mean to help someone out, and know they genuinely appreciate it– that’s an amazing thing.” Adopt-A-Family also allows for the selected families to have something to look forward to this Thanksgiving.

Not all families are as fortunate as us or others we know, and sometimes not many people in our society realize who needs assistance. Our community is proud to come together and to ensure that hard working families dealing with tough times can enjoy the holidays. It is only right that people who work just as hard as the people who are not struggling, have the same luxury of enjoying the holidays their families. Adopt-A-Family does not only give a chance for people to help others and for those in need to have a nice Thanksgiving, but it also sets an example for students to follow.

We can all make a difference in people’s lives, even if it was just by picking up a few extra cans of vegetables at the grocery store. It may not mean much to us, but to these families it may mean the world.


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