Students have spoken: Why choose CCC?

By RACHEL DiMAURO staff writer

This year Cumberland County College (CCC) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Established in 1966, CCC was the first county college in New Jersey to open its own freestanding campus. Since the opening of the college, CCC has been dedicated to the success of its students.  Ranked within the top 40 in the nation, and #1 county college in the state, it’s no wonder Cumberland has been around for half a century. But why take our word for it? Let’s find out why students really come to Cumberland County College. We interviewed freshmen to get their take on why they chose to get their start at CCC.


1. Edith Gonzalez says, “Because it’s less expensive, and close to home.”

2. “Because of the baseball program.” – Joe Gaudioso

3. “Close to home, and the nursing program is good.” – Omear Baker

4. “Very inexpensive—close to home—good theater program”. – Kit Chesebro

5. “It’s cheap and has good reviews . . . It’s #1 in the state, they must be doing something right.” – Rob Didoniso

6. “Most affordable.” – Kyle Napier

7. “ Close to home, and a great way to save money. I heard about it through high school.” – Darrin Rilley

8. Robersys Marinez said, “Great place to start your education—to get your feet wet before a four year school.”

9. “My theater teacher at high school told me about the theater program.” – Micah Reabes

10. “ I chose to come to CCC because it’s ranked 38th in the country, and it’s a warm and welcoming campus.” – Shylon Alicea

11. “To get a good education.” – Isaiah Rosa

12. “Opportunities and connections in my major.” – DJ Chavez

13. “Close to home, cheaper, and good theater program.” – Randy Hernandez

14. “Affordable education— because I wanted to do two years for a Criminal Justice degree, and transfer to a four-year school.” – Anthony Johnson

15. “The opportunity to run cross-country.” – Nick Flukey

16. “Because I wasn’t ready to move out yet.” – Anai Duran

17. “Deb Bradshaws experience on Broadway.” – Jocelyn Centrone

18. “I saw there was a good basketball program.”- Haashim Wallis

19. “My aunt told me it was a good school . . . I always liked the school.”- Tatiana Rodriguez

20. “It’s close to home and it’s better than spending money to go to a university.”- Ryan Hoscy

21. “It was closest to home, and I knew most of my high school friends were going here.”- Gloribel Celaia

22. “Because it’s an easy way to save money- to transfer out.”- Jake Davis

23. “I chose to come here because I thought it would be pointless to spend $40,000 at a four-year school for a degree I could get here.”- Cayla Rivera

24. “They offered financial aid.”- Mark Corson

25. “ I came here because I wanted to get a degree.”- Beatrice Harper

26. “I chose to come here because it’s local, financial aid helps out, counselors recommended it, and personally I thinks it’s a good place to be.”- Kimberly Riveara

All these reasons and more are why CCC has made such a positive impact on Cumberland County. It’s affordable tuition, student driven faculty and staff, and pleasant campus makes it easy to understand how it’s celebrating 50 years. As president Solomon-Fernandez said, “I think it’s important that students know that you can start here, and go anywhere… the sky is the limit.”


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