Free tutoring


“I tutor because I want to give back to the community. . .” says Nestor Cruz. Cruz is a student at Cumberland County College (CCC), and a tutor for Chemistry 101, 102, and Biology 101. The tutoring program offers tutors for all subjects and levels of courses.

Melissa Wright, who is the assistant director of the Testing and Tutoring Department stated that, “Students often tell me that they enjoy the peer-to-peer interaction…studies show that peer tutoring provides more interactive learning, increases commitment, participation and self-confidence. . . .”

The tutoring program has been active since 1967. Sandra Evans was the first director, and creator of the Success Center. Since the beginning, Wright believes the program has impacted students and their GPAs’ positively. “Per our annual statistics, 77% of tutored students receive a “C” or above in the classes tutored. Our group tutoring sessions, called Supplemental Instruction (SI) have an even higher percentage, 82% receive a “C” or higher in the class.”

Getting a tutor is as easy as A-B-C. One can access a list of tutors via the school’s website, or vist the Center for Academic and Student Success (CASS) office. Check the tutor’s schedule, or attend a drop-in session to set up an appointment. Wright has also created a tutoring service on Starfish. This helps students view the tutors’ schedules and set up tutoring appointments. Students can also receive email reminders and tutor referrals via Starfish. Tutoring is held in the CASS Tutoring Center next to the cafeteria in the Student Center. Tutoring for the drop-in math lab is also located in the CASS Testing Center. The tutoring program is open to students all year round.

If you are not looking for a tutor, but are interested in becoming one, there’s good news—along with gaining teaching experience, tutors also get paid. Tutors that have a bachelor’s degree or below earn $8.38 an hour, and those with a master’s degree or higher earn $10.00. To become a tutor, one can either be referred by a professor or fill in an application.

Wright hopes the students will utilize this free program from the moment they start college. “… I would like all students to participate more in our study groups, not just when they are struggling/failing, but also as a way to have structured study times and to maintain already passing grades.”

For more information contact Melissa Wright at: or visit


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