CCC Student Clubs


College is an exciting time in life. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or returning to school as an adult, this new experience can be a wonderful journey.

A great way to feel more comfortable entering any new chapter in life is to surround yourself with others doing the same thing, and to sweeten the pot even more, people whom you share common interests.

Joining a club in college adds exponential value to your college experience and life simultaneously. CCC offers student clubs to become involved covering many interests.

Are you into theater and drama? The drama club offers “an enriching theatrical experience” and “a supportive environment through artistic excellence”.

Do you have a strong religious background? Express your faith with the Faith Fellowship Club and enrich your spiritual life.

Maybe you’re more of the free thinker creative type? The various art clubs would allow you to stretch that noggin and put your creativity to use, or GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever) offer’s equality and education on bullying and spreading acceptance. CCC offers clubs for many different interests, ranging from Student Nursing Organization (SNO) to the Business/Finance Club.

Not only do clubs give you a sense of purpose as an individual, joining a club adds value to the college and community through events and activities within the various clubs. It’s also a great way to meet people and potentially make new friends.

Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of people on our campus, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to create new friendships and put yourself out there. Joining a club is a great avenue for meeting scads of people while you take part in something that feeds your interests.

Clubs also offer opportunities to lead. Every club requires an advisory board made up of a faculty advisor, student president, vice president, secretary, and at least 5 members. Every club needs strong-minded individuals with great ideas to contribute. These skills are undoubtedly essential in everyday life and growth, and if you don’t feel as if you possess them now you might find them within your club membership.

For more information contact Jean Erwin at ext. 1454.


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