When I was your age…

By Makinzi Hinkle

Staff Writer

We’ve all heard our grandparents or parents say that when they were our age everything was different. Their lives were different and so was technology. They didn’t have the newest iPhone or even an iPad because, obviously, they weren’t around. Even the 90s babies didn’t have technology at a young age. When we were younger, we played outside instead of staying inside to play on our phones. When we rode our bikes, we knew where our “squad” was by how many bikes were in the front yard. If we had the technology we have today back then, we would miss out on family time and so much more. Also, technology has come in between relationships. Whether its sliding into a girls DM’s or snapchatting each other to the point where you become best friends, technology has come in the middle of almost every relationship. Have you ever thought about how technology has really changed the way we live? According to babble.com, here are seven examples:

  1. Technology has killed the greeting card
    1. We are no longer paying postage to send out birthday cards. It has turned into posting a “happy birthday” on Facebook or its sent over text.
  2. How we date
    1. Even though online dating has been around for ages, many people are using Google to see if their date has a record.
  3. How we share
    1. We aren’t sharing information like we used to. Instead of saying it face-to- face, we are using our social media accounts to post the news.
  4. How we watch TV
    1. We can now download apps to put on our smartphones to watch MTV, Lifetime, Netflix, etc. anywhere and anytime.
  5. How we communicate
    1. Instead of picking up the phone and seeing if your friend(s) and family are available, we are using our smartphones to text them.
  6. How we read
    1. Paperbacks are now available our tablets and smartphones. They have made it easier to carry the books we enjoy reading and we can bring them anywhere we would like.
  7. How we parent
    1. Parents have to teach their children “digital etiquette” and they warn them about what is online.

Technology has affected relationships in a big way. For example, Snapchat had a feature where you could tell who was best friends with your boyfriend/girlfriend. That caused drama to happen and it usually ended up with a breakup. Other than Snapchat, Twitter comes in affect. People subtweet, slide into each others DM’s, favoriting each others tweets, etc. With Instagram, guys would like other girl’s pictures. Then, they would try to slide into their DM. If they are already in a relationship, the girl would think that he is cheating on her and usually that causes problems. Along with Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, at a point of time, Apple had an update where you were able to see who your boyfriend/girlfriend recently texted. Even if they delete the messages, if you double-clicked the home button and all of the recent people they talked to were right on the top of the apps you had open.

Technology has changed over the years. Our grandparents and parents always would say that when they were our age, they didn’t have the technology we have today. 90s babies didn’t have a hold of technology until the middle 2000’s and technology has now come to the point of ruining couple’s relationships.


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