A lot can change in a year

By Makinzi Hinkle

Staff Writer

365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, and 31,536,000 seconds. In other words, one year. One year can change someone’s perspective. It can be about themselves, their career, etc. Also, it can make or break them. For me, I thought a year was going to shatter me like glass but it shaped me into a beautiful butterfly. A year ago, I thought everything was falling into place. I thought I had my life together, but little did I know, I didn’t. I was in a relationship with someone who took advantage of me so many times before I said it was enough. I was playing ball with a team who I’d thought were my friends. A year later, I’m going into a my third and final year at CCC. In a year, my life will be changing. I’ll be applying to West Virginia University and transferring if I get in.

I wasn’t always a journalism major. 14 months ago, I switched my major from business to journalism and I’ve had the best luck for my future. I have so many different internship options and places where I can work. Last year, I thought I wasn’t able to go to another college/university after CCC, nor get accepted. My self-confidence barely existed. Now, a year later, my self-confidence is getting higher. I’m 98 percent more confident that I will get in and be able to transfer to West Virginia University. My perspective of this thing called life has totally changed.

In years past, I hated the way I looked. I didn’t like the way people talked about and treated me. Due to my self-confidence getting higher, I’ve finally decided to change the way my body looks. In other words, I’ve decided to loose weight. I’m using the angry words as motivation and getting my body where it needs to be. My best friend is in the same boat as I am and we’re using each other as motivation.

Last year, one of my close friends was in an abusive relationship. He cheated on her, abused her, and when she tried to leave, he threatened to take his own life. So, there was no way for her to get out because she didn’t want someone that she “loved” to go. After two months of trying to get herself out, she was able to succeed. Now a year later, she’s in a better, healthier, and safer relationship. Also, her family has gone through a lot. She almost lost her grandfather and their house all in one month. That all happened last year. 12 months later, her grandfather is healthier and they’re thinking of moving in the middle of the summer.

In a year, someone’s life can change. Whether its their appearance, their career, or a relationship. For me, I’ve had my appearance and career change. While for a close friend of mine, her relationships have changed. She might have almost lost her grandfather and they almost lost their house, but now with a year passing, everything has changed.


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