Democratic Race


On Tuesday night beat Clinton in West Virginia. Sanders’ victory serves as a huge reminder to Clinton that despite, her upcoming showdown with the most likely Republican nominee Donald Trump, Clinton has yet to formally wrap up her own party’s presidential nomination.

“Sanders’ victory in one of the poorest states in America, was anchored in his message that the economy is rigged against working Americans. Exit poll data showed that 61% of Democratic primary voters were very worried about the state of the economy, and 55% of that group voted for Sanders. He also beat Clinton among women 52% to 38% and also among independents’, nearly 40 percentage points” (

Many things have changed for Clinton. About eight years ago, West Virginia helped her in the same way it aided Sanders on Tuesday. Clinton received a huge victory in the primary over Barack Obama that boosted her morale even if it wasn’t enough to change the basic delegates math that made it very impossible for her to win the nomination.

“This time, around, Clinton faced difficulties of her own making in West Virginia after saying in a March CNN town hall meeting in Ohio that she was going to put a “lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” with her policies on climate change” (

Next, if Clinton wants to win the Democratic Party she has to step up and finishing the race strong, because Sanders isn’t going away anytime soon. Sanders seems very determined to keep on trying his best to beat Clinton and win the delegates. Therefore Clinton shouldn’t be looking ahead to taking on Trump yet. Clinton has to make sure she defeats Sanders first, and than she can look ahead to taking on Trump. Trump on the other hand doesn’t seem to care about which Democratic he takes on.



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