Lather up with UV protection

By Makinzi Hinkle

Staff Writer

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It’s about to be that time of year where everyone will be going down to the beach. One of the ways you can protect yourself is by bringing and wearing sunscreen. Whether it’s spending the day with friends or staying down for a couple days with family, you should remember to bring enough so you don’t get too red.
Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the sun is the hottest. If you aren’t a fan of sunscreen, you can also wear tanning oil. Just like sunscreen, it is advised to be careful when you apply tanning oil.  Most times, tanning oils have a lower SPF than sunscreen.
Before driving down to the beach, you should apply a thick coat of sunscreen. By the time you get down to the shore, you will be good to go. After two hours of soaking up some sun, it is a good idea to reapply so you don’t get burnt. If you are a parent and your kids decide to go in the water, you can lather them up with waterproof sunscreen. Remember to reapply sunscreen on your kids every two hours.
Besides sunscreen and tanning oil, there are other ways to protect yourself at the beach. The first option is to bring an umbrella. Going between the sun and shade, you can protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. If you are just strolling the beach, another option is by wearing the right kind of clothing. Did you know that by wearing wet clothes, you are more exposed to the sun than wearing dry clothes? According to, by wearing a hat, you are giving your scalp, face and eyes extra protection. There’s also a natural sun repellent that you can make. You can find the recipe at:
Every year, millions of cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer are treated on people. According to, in the past three decades, there has been more cases of skin cancer than any other cancer combined. Before the age of 35, people who have used an indoor tanning bed are at a higher risk of getting melanoma by 75 percent. If you have had more than five sunburns, the risk for melanoma doubles.
Alyssa Harwas, a sophomore here on campus, said she brings sunblock, but that’s if she remembers it. Elisabeth Atkinson, a freshman, said that she uses sunscreen and tanning oil. Harwas and Atkinson like going to the beach with friends and family and when they were asked what the first word was that comes to their mind when they think of the beach, they said: “sand” and “sunburn”. Both of them are looing forward to going to the beach, hanging out with friends and having fun. “In all seriousness, keep yourself protected. It may sound stupid, but seriously. Would you rather be comfortable in your own skin or be burnt like toast?” – Alyssa Harwas.
Since everyone has different skin tones, there are different sunscreens you can wear. For children, you can try using spray or tubes with different colored packaging. When appling to the face, don’t use spray. For dry skin, you can use sunscreen that has moisturizer. Popular ones have oils and silicones. For darker skin tones, you should wear sunscreen with an SPF with at least 15. Older people can benefit from using sunscreen. While using spray ons, make sure you put on a “sheen” coat.


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