By Joshua Carll

The Internet is a tricky place that can make or break someone. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat are all forms of social media that people can post about their lives and view the lives of others. One picture on Instagram can easily get thousands of likes, but is it because a picture is worth a thousand words? Is it the fact that the person who posted it is considered “famous” among the world of social media?

Matt Crawford has made himself known to the world through social media. Crawford realized the start of his fame when he began posting pictures of himself and his boyfriend, who he is no longer in a relationship with. Now Crawford is doing things for himself, but some LGBT accounts still post pictures of them when they were together because of the impact they had on the community. “It has changed my life in MASSIVE ways. I have had so many opportunities that would’ve never came about without my social media,” Crawford said during an interview. As of now, Crawford has 29.7k followers on Instagram.

Coby Kinsey has 7,127 followers, as of April 11. When asked about how it feels to be Internet famous, Kinsey responded, “I think it’s kind of fun because I can’t post boring things now because people won’t like it… I always have to try and be creative now, but I also have to be careful with what I post.”

Internet fame is not all sunshine and rainbows though. When you step foot outside your home, you have to deal with the people of real life. “A lot of people know me. It does get kind of annoying at times… but most of the time it’s fine.” Kinsey said. Even if you don’t go outside, people do crazy things online. “I’ve gotten direct messages asking where I live and if they can come to my house. The craziest message I have ever received was about five months ago, some random old dude offered me $2,000 to fly out to Georgia to be an escort for a weekend. I politely declined,” Crawford mentioned when asked about the conversations he’s had online. Crawford still doesn’t feel unsafe, even after this incident. “I don’t put any of my location info online, and they have ‘blocking’ setting for a reason,” he added.

Social media allows these guys to interact with their followers. “It’s so cool that our generation can connect on a massive level through social media,” Crawford said. He has created tons of friendships with all of his online connection and inspires many, even if he’s not in a relationship anymore.

Instafame does have its perks, but you still need to be careful with what you post.


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