Dater’s adventure guide 101

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Some people always have trouble planning dates. Whether not having the time or money, to nothing social going on in town, planning a date can create some frustrations. Sometimes, couples need to spice up their lives and go on adventures before they grow old and miserable with each other. It might seem hard and expensive to go on an adventure, but the purpose of this article is to give new ideas within a limited budget.

The phrase “Date Night” is used with couples, but why does it have to be at night? Why not go out for breakfast instead of dinner? Why not take a day trip to a city close by?

Philadelphia has plenty of places that offer breakfast. The Point of Destination Cafe serves inexpensive breakfast and is found in the Upsal Train Station in the Germantown area of Philly. The food is $10 or less and they serve food from breakfast quesadillas to Challah french toast. The attire is casual and it has multiple televisions and Wifi, which everyone loves. Like all places, there are mixed reviews, but Yelp has given it 4 out of 5 stars. This place is great for all of the college students who are on a tight budget.

After a delicious breakfast in Philly, you can drive to the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Philadelphia Zoo. Both cost $20 per adult, but on the first Sunday of every month, the Art Museum is pay what you want. The Zoo has more than 1,600 rare and exotic animals and the museum has over 100,000 objects on display. Plus, getting a chance to spend time with a loved one sweetens the deal.

Need a way to get to Philly? Woodcrest Train Station in Cherry Hill makes stops through New Jersey and into Philadelphia that’s only $6 for a round trip and takes a half hour. You may need to take a bus to reach certain locations in Philly. This will save on gas and even better, it will cost about $70 together, but this Philly excursion is not the only city you can do. Baltimore is right around the corner as well.

The Blue Moon Café, which has a 4 out of 5 star rating, is raved about on Yelp for having amazing French toast and pancakes. However, the prices do range from $11 to $30 a plate. If this is all that can be budgeted at the time, no big deal because Baltimore is a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the company with one another. If not, a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium will definitely be a nice way to end the day trip. Again, a pretty penny might be spent since it will cost about $25-$40 per ticket. Together you’re looking to spend about $100 on this Baltimore trip, but if you have the money a trip like this is worth it.

These are just a few options to consider when going on a breakfast date daytrip, but why stop there? There are cheaper options right in Vineland or wilder adventures farther away from Cumberland County. Go big or stay home. Just remember, have fun with whatever you decide.


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