Kindergarten: The free trial of college


Freshman year of college is basically the adult version of Kindergarten. Whether you realize it or not the similarities are uncanny. Not only the situations you face, but the feelings leading up. Although excited for what’s to come there’s still that nervous feeling in your gut. What will my teacher be like? Will I make friends? When am I going to find time to sleep? Is math going to be just as confusing? All these questions and many more probably filled your head unknowingly in Kindergarten the same way they fill your head going into college.

How are you going to make friends? The same exact way you did before: food. Food is the key to everyone’s heart no matter what age. The easiest way to start a conversation with someone is by offering a delicious snack. They may say no, but it’s an easy way to break the ice. If they say yes, you’re one poptart down, but you’re also guaranteed a conversation and some animal crackers down the road.

Okay, so you now you have some friends. What about your teacher? How are you going to stay on their good side? In Kindergarten we learned that sitting next to your best friend can be fun, but also can get you in trouble. Make sure you sit somewhere you won’t lose focus. I usually sit towards the front of the classroom closest to the door. I like this strategy because I seem anxious to learn and will answer questions when called upon, but you won’t lose focus and get called on randomly like the kid in the back. I think sitting close to the door is nice as well just because if you have to go to the bathroom you leave with out anyone taking notice.

Now lets add in some math (pun intended.) Sure math may be a little different now, but it’s still just as confusing. Thank goodness you learned that simple trick in Kindergarten for the number nine. Remember that foolproof way to always know what nine multiplied by another number is? Yeah, that’s good to have memorized on the day you forget your calculator at home on the day of a big test.

Lastly, the most important lesson we learned in Kindergarten is that napping is an essential part of the day. Back then I don’t think we truly appreciated the gift of afternoon naps. Now that we’ve reached the age where we go right from school to work we understand just how necessary naps are. Sometimes we aren’t always lucky enough to get long breaks in the day to nap, but a twenty minute nap is something we learn never to take for granted.


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