Adopt for Christmas

By Marla Newsom

With Christmas right around the corner, I’m sure you’re excited to spend time with family and give gifts between one another. Some families will get an extra special gift on Christmas morning; one that I was definitely asking for when I was younger, and that’s a puppy. I’m sure almost everyone has dreamed of waking up, running to the tree and seeing a puppy with a bow on their head waiting for you. Although, I’m sure the puppy you imagine right away is a well groomed, fluffy puppy with big beautiful eyes, but this Christmas you should think about all the puppies up for adoption at your local shelter.

If you didn’t know there are animal shelters all around the country filled with dogs just waiting to be adopted. Dogs of all different ages, personalities, and breeds. These dogs aren’t the ones waiting under the tree that you see in movies, but they’re just as good. The dogs in the shelters wait around every day hoping they meet their forever-family. They dream about a perfect Christmas morning with family just as much as we do.

The cost is much cheaper as well. These animals are neutered, microchipped, given shots for heartworm, ticks and fleas, and rabie shots as well as the shots needed for dogs of a specific age. All together the money you’re saving for medical bills is around five-hundred dollars. When it comes to the average price it varies by age and shelter. The Philadelphia Animal Shelter give prices based on age of the dog. Puppies of six months or younger are $300, dogs of more than six months are $150, and there are also specific price changes to dogs with different types of medical condition, age, or breed. The price changes depending on which shelter you are looking into, so be sure to ask the shelter when you call or visit.

Recently, the Philadelphia Animal Shelter became overcrowded and was forced to put down 22 dogs. They decided to waive all adoption fees for the next couple days to prevent something like this happening again. Luckily, because of this decision they managed to save the lives of 238 dogs and find them forever-families, but there are still plenty of dogs in the Philadelphia Shelter and shelters all around such as the Cumberland County Animal Shelter located in Vineland waiting to find their human best friend. Buying from breeders or pet shops is okay and there is nothing wrong with giving those puppies homes as well, but if you’re considering a pet this Christmas or anytime of the year, please think about checking your local animal shelter first. Your best friend could be there waiting and you don’t even know it!


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