What is LOVE?

By Joshua Carll

Staff Writer

What’s love got to do with it and why does love always feel like a battlefield? Sometimes it feels like a drug. Elvis couldn’t help falling in love and Rhianna loves the way people lie to her. Love is a confusing, ugly, beautiful mess that makes a person enact crazy feats and logic is turned upside down, but what is love truly? The definition of love is a feeling of deep affection, but what does that really mean? How can you describe that to a person? Grandpa always said that when he looked into Grandma’s eyes, he just knew. But HOW!?

In Latin, the word love is derived from the word libido, which means desire. The Latin culture isn’t the only culture that has a definition of love. Sankrit, Persians, and the Greeks have their own definition and even different types of love.

Eros is the most well known out of the types love. Eros means erotic love or sexual love. This was named after the Greek god Eros who is better known as his Roman equivalent, Cupid.

Then you have Phileo, which might sound like something you can get at McDonalds. “Yeah, I’ll have the number 2 Phileo Fish sandwich and a large Coke”, but Phileo actually means brotherly love. They even named a city after it.

Agape love is unconditional love. What does unconditional mean? It means doing something for the good of someone else because you care about them. You do not expect anything back and you do not have motives behind your actions.

One of the last types of love in the Greek language is Storge not to be confused with storage. Storge is the love you show your family. The love you give to those annoying brothers and sisters that if anyone hurt them, you would kill that person. The love you give to your mom or dad that is pestering you, but then you need $20 so you give them a hug and call them pretty.

CCC students and teachers were asked how media portrays love in society. Six out of the ten people said that the media portrays love as only sexual with nothing passionate or romantic about it. “Love almost seems like it’s ‘unimportant’. It’s hard to explain, but people take the word ‘love’ for granted and disregard its actual meaning,” said Georgia Salvaryn.

Russ Garvey has been married to the love of his life for almost three years now. To Russ, love means “caring more for the well being of someone that’s not yourself. Being happy when they are happy”. He believes that you should always be romantic and sincere when expressing your love to someone you care about.

During the survey, people were asked what love means to them and in the end, the responses were either unclear or undefined. Love is a tricky subject. It can mean so many things. The one thing about love is that you just have to be yourself. I cannot describe love, nor can I tell you how to love or how it feels to love. Love is a journey you have to take and discover yourself. So, what is LOVE? That’s the question we are all trying to figure out.


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