Meet The Band : Silent Culture


No matter who you are or where you are in the world, music is something that we can all relate to. I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the lead vocalists and percussionists of the band Silent Culture, Jesse Fryson, and talk to him about their music and the impact they hope to make on the world. Silent Culture came together when both bands Faith

Beyond Fear and Above The Fall decided to merge together. Both bands felt as if their current bands were lacking. While Faith Beyond Fear had a full band, they were lacking in career opportunities. Above The Fall had gotten the chance to record in a studio, meet professionals in the industry, and even were able to get a single on the radio. However, they had lost members which made it nearly impossible for them to make the most out of those opportunities.

With the merging of the two bands, they decided to rename the band Silent Culture. When asked about the meaning of their band name Jesse didn’t hesitate to respond. “The name Silent Culture came about because if you look around you at the country and the world we live in, it’s become nearly impossible to speak your mind without it being deemed ‘politically incorrect’. People have become afraid to speak the truth out of fear of what people will think, or that they’ll suffer some negative backlash for their opinion. We’re in this life together, and that’s why we want to be a voice for the voiceless.” One thing about the band that sets them apart is the fact that they’re all Christians.

Many Christian bands have come along, and Jesse doesn’t see that as a setback. “We are Christians. We each have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and our faith shapes the way we view things, the way we think about things, and the way we act. So it’s natural that our faith would also influence the songs we write. However, we want our music to reach more than just those who share the same beliefs as us.”

Even though the boys are fully committed to the band, for now the band isn’t a full-time commitment. They have jobs that they work everyday to support themselves. However, Jesse says that their main career goal is to make it as band, to the band where it is actually a full-time commitment. He has high expectations for where he sees the band going. “Where do I see this band going? I see this band going far because I believe with all of my heart that people have been waiting for someone to be bold enough to lead the way. We are those people.

The sky is the limit for us, and as long as there is breath in our lungs we’re going to continue to make music that we hope changes lives and impacts this world for generations to come!” Band members write the lyrics from a place of transparency and with a goal of writing songs that ANY one can relate to, no matter what their religious beliefs, their gender, their nationality, or even their age. “It is our purpose to write lyrics that offer people in ALL walks of life, a message of truth, of hope, and of love. And if that means it’s a song that’s not a “Christian” song, then so be it, and likewise, if it means it’s a song that’s about God, that is good too.

We believe it is our responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless and as songwriters and musicians, we make music that uplifts and inspires and speaks openly and honestly about this life we live, and everything that goes along with it,” shares Fryson. “This band will go far, both career wise, and geographically. We want to travel to as many places bringing the music to whoever will listen,” says Fryson.




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