May the force be with you…

By Russel Garvey, Jr.

Staff Writer

On December 18, 2015, the new Star Wars movie, Episode VII – The Force Awakens, will be released on thousand of screens. It is easy to say this is one of the most anticipated releases in the last decade.  Everyone is talking about it. “Did you see the new trailer they just released?”

It has been over ten years since a new Star Wars movie and it is generally accepted that the Prequel Trilogy (Episodes 1, 2, and 3) did not live up to the anticipation of their release.  With JJ Abrams at the helm, coming off the success and critical acclaim of the Star Trek reboots, many fans are very excited to see what he will do with the beginning of this new trilogy.

Star Wars is probably the most influential film of my generation,” Abrams states. “It’s the personification of good and evil and the way it opened up the world to space adventure, the way Westerns had to our parents’ generations, left an indelible imprint. So, in a way, everything that any of us does is somehow directly or indirectly affected by the experience of seeing those first three films.”

One CCC student, Eliud Rivera, is looking forward to a new fun plot, the use of “old school” practical effects instead of using CGI everywhere, effects that flooded the prequels making it undearable to watch, and the hope of the lack of Jar Jar Binks.

“I only hope that younger audience members can be as mystified as the generation that saw the original. Star Wars has a reputation and the hype spans all generations. If Episode VII succeeds, it could usher a renewal of big great movies that go beyond being cash-grabs and become a lasting part of pop culture,” Rivera stated.

On the reverse spectrum, there a several students that have not seen a Star Wars movie before so for them, this will be a grand new experience. For those of you in the same crowd, try your best and watch the Original Trilogy (Episodes IV through VI) to give yourself some basis to put the new movie in context.

As we await the new release, all different types of “fan theories” have begun to pop up in conversations and online. I was personally surprised with the conversations erupting during the release of the first wave of Star Wars merchandise this past September.

How many people believe the new Sith Lord Kylo Ren is actually Luke Skywalker? How that the new character of Rey (Daisey Ridley) is the daughter of Han and Leia? How amazing is it going to be to see what such a small droid, BB-8, is going to have in the whole plot?

There is so many theories floating around in conversation and online. We will have to just wait and anticipate what kind of world and events JJ Abrams and the cast will bring us on December 18.


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