Geese: Get your fecum together


Staff Writer

Winter is here and when you look around, not a goose is in sight. All of them have migrated down to the south, but what happens in the spring when they invade the college again? It might sound corny, but there is a real geese epidemic here at Cumberland County College.
Between them physically blocking the pathways, to the deposits that are left behind, geese can be a around nuisance for the majority of the faculty and student body. You personally might not have a problem with them, but just remember that geese can carry E. coli. and other diseases, according to the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management.
Poop EVERYWHERE! Forget about wearing those brand new shoes. It is not even worth wearing them in the land mine of fecal matter out on the sidewalks. A group of twenty CCC students and teachers were given a survey and asked how they felt about the fecum. Majority of the surveyors answered that the feca is gross. “It’s really gross, unsanitary, and inconvenient,” CCC student, Marla Newsom said.
Not only is the excrement a problem, but maneuvering through flocks of geese is a pain. You are already cutting it close to when class starts and now you have to go the long way to class because the geese are sitting in your path. Now, instead of being on time to class, you are a minute late. Some professors do not appreciate that and will mark you absent or late to class and pretty soon, you can be dropped from a class.
Geese are very hard to exterminate from the premises. They can adapt to almost all environments, but there are a few tricks to keep them away.            Wildlife Animal Control suggests loud noises and dog silhouettes to keep the geese away, but CCC cannot do that without disturbing the peace and destroying our campus by making the grounds tacky and unpleasing to the eye. Because they are wild animals, we can’t really keep them out of the college, but there can be a better job dealing with the droppings.
The college opens before 8:00am, so why doesn’t the college just hose down the sidewalks. Outside companies charge $500 or more to just sweep up the stool, which the college can do with water and a push broom.  Why pay to go to a college and deal with geese and their feces that are right on the sidewalks that you use?


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