Pro School Uniforms

By Tamaris Cooper

Staff Writer

Students from all across the nation wear uniforms at different schools to keep the unity in their school. School Uniforms are now mandatory in Vineland, New Jersey after it was approved by the Board of Education on February 14th. According to John Sbrana, the Board of Education did a lot of research and had a lot of open forums and parent surveys. It was a two year process that started with some schools doing a voluntary program and finding it worked really well. Uniforms are nothing new to every one, it started out at Catholic schools and Private schools but as years went by implementing on uniforms in public schools is a topic that became more and more popular over the past 10 to 20 years and it always fraught with controversy. The Vineland Public school system decided on implementing uniforms in schools, to make basically make everyone dress alike. Now that every student are in uniforms, it can eliminate bullying based on the children appearance. When I was in school, they were deciding whether they wanted the uniforms law to be approved in Vineland but they never approved it. I agree on the uniforms policy and I wish they had approved the policy when I was in school. When I was in school I would hear students talk behind other students back about what they were wearing. Some would even talk to them to their face about what they wore to school each day. But, they never realized that every student cannot afford to wear the stylish and fancy clothing or expensive sneakers, like some students can. I love to get dress up but I would never talk about people who can’t afford to dress up or may not like to dress up. They may want to keep casual or dress down. So with uniforms it makes people look the same and not be judge by anyone. So in that case I agree to have uniformity in Vineland. The School uniforms colors in Vineland are a choice between red, black or white solid tops this coming academic year. The Vineland school district had released a list of vendors in the area where uniforms, pants, and shoes can purchased in time for September 5, 2013, this is when the policy officially goes into effect for students between Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Districts preschools must also conform to the change. I believe that school uniforms are a great way to keep students respectful of each other. If it was up to me every school would be in uniforms, so in that case I am team uniforms. GO SCHOOL UNIFORMS!!


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