Tipping for Dummies 101

By Marla Newsom

Staff Writer

Many college students are students by day and employees by night. Some students make money just on tips alone and I think most people forget that. Tipping your waitress or delivery driver is more important than you think, and you have to remember that when you’re ordering a large $15 pizza when all you have is $15 and spare change.

The percentage you should always tip is between 15-20%. You should think about this before you order lunch or go out to eat with your friends. I’m sure if you have a job that pays minimum wage or more hourly you don’t think about the fact waitresses only get a dollar or so hourly plus whatever they make in tips. When I asked Josh Carll, a Public Relations major about what he’s paid as a waiter he said, “I get paid $2.15 an hour. But after taxes, I don’t see my paycheck, so I rely on tips.”

“My food took forever to come out, so I’m going to leave them a bad tip.” No, no, NO. Your waitress has nothing to do with how long your food takes to be made. Their job is to take your order, bring out your food, and ask if you need anything else. I asked Josh how it made him feel when he wasn’t left a tip and he said, “It’s annoying because that’s how I make a living and when I run around like a crazy person trying to make them happy and they thank me by just saying have a nice day it blows.” You have to remember they have nothing to do with the speed, or quality of the food. If you are not happy with something during your time at the restaurant ask to speak to the manager after your meal, but do not take your frustration out on your server.

“It’s been 45 minutes and my food still isn’t here.” That is unfortunate and I understand you are hungry, but you have to remember you’re not the only one ordering food between 5:00 and 6:00 on a Tuesday night. Delivery drivers will do their best to get there as soon as they can, but they can’t make a red light turn green, or the car in front of them drive any faster, and they most certainly won’t risk their safety for your food.

The fact of the matter is, when you order food you have to expect a longer wait than if you were to pick up, but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip any less. Just like a waitress, delivery drivers should be tipped 15-20% as well. Delivering your dinner is probably not their dream job, but it might be a second job for them to help with bills or something else. Think about if you were in their position. Josh appreciates those who do tip well and says, “People have tipped me over 20% and made my life enjoyable and it’s people like them that make all the hardships worth it.”


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