College Planning: 101


By Amber Murray

Staff Writer

Books •Cell-phone •Notebook and Binder •Laptop• Pen and Pencil•Wallet •Keys • You go through a checklist in your mind to see if you brought everything that is needed for the day. Besides the basic essentials, students carry books, notebooks, pens, and other items to class. Here are some items to enhance your everyday college routine.

Water Bottle: We’ve all heard the importance and benefits of drinking water. It helps to ensure that your body stays hydrated and remains healthy. However, water doesn’t have to be in a regular water bottle anymore. Brita now has a water bottle with a built in filter that makes any source of water safer to drink. Another way to bring water to school is to buy a reusable water bottle from a local retail store and fill it with water from your house or school water fountain.

Planner: With all the plans that are scheduled on a daily basis, a planner is a needed tool that can help you maintain your life and keep you organized. Not being organized day to day can cause stress and chaos. By having a planner, you are able to avoid conflict between your daily scheduled events and alleviate stress.

Healthy Snack: So, you’re sitting in the middle of a lecture trying to pay attention in order to pass the first exam next week, when all of a sudden your stomach starts to rumble and grumble. You can’t leave the class to grab food because you need to listen to your professor. This is where a packed snack can come in as a lifesaver. If the professor allows food/drink in their classroom, take the opportunity and munch on a snack. By having a class back-to-back or going from school to work, a snack will help you have the energy to make it to your next meal. Whether it’s walking to class, walking to your car/transportation, or waiting for class to start–snack time is anytime!

There are many more essentials for college students to carry but water, a planner, and snacks are the top overall choices that every student can use. The list can be modified to your preference. So, help yourself succeed by bringing these important items to school each day.


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