When being “Limitless” becomes obtainable


Staff Writer

Have you ever wished you were more focused? More energetic and motivated to take on the daily challenges you face? Insert Adderin; the pill that allegedly increases concentration by 312% according to an article in Daily Discovery News. There’s not much in the way of concrete information on Adderin. From the masses of unknown online reviewers, it is easy to see Adderin is becoming a widespread phenomenon. A myriad of different types of people are trying this new drug that promises to increase durability, mind elasticity, attention span, and lust for life.

When you Google, “Adderin” a majority of the websites that come up are all biased, boasting rave reviews and talking up the pill as if they were Monty Python and had found their Holy Grail. Among these articles are a few calling Adderin a scam, but none of these links, approving or disapproving, seem professional enough to trust.

So what do we know about Adderin? It’s been out since at least 2011, when screenwriters used Adderin as the inspiration for the drug NZT-48 shown on the movie Limitless, now adding a TV show of the same title in 2015. It’s hard to get, due to the abundance of people trying to obtain the “mind enhancing” drug. On Adderin.com, bottles come with 30 pills with prices ranging from $50.00 for one bottle and decreasing prices when you buy in bulk. However, a majority of the time, the pill is sold out and only obtainable through third-party sites for upwards of $300.00.

There is extremely little credible information on Adderin. I personally heard about it through word of mouth as most people do. When visiting their website for the first time, it definitely gives off a sketchy vibe. It looks exactly like every scam advertisement that pops up on the sites you illegally download music from. Adderin’s website name drops ​The New York Times, USA Today,​and ​CNN Health but when you search “Adderin” on their websites, nothing comes up. As of a few years ago, when Adderin first became mainstream, game shows such as ​Jeopardy! and universities including Cambridge are banning the pill from all students and contestants deeming it an unfair advantage against the individuals not on the pill. Everyone’s saying that doctors call Adderin, “Viagra for the brain” but, no one is using any actual doctors names to support it.

What’s the downside, you ask? Addiction, obviously. Everyone is so excited to perform better at work and at home. But who is considering the side effects? Daily Discovery News’ Senior Chief Editor Alan Fraiser took a trial of the pill for four weeks and said that he found himself bouncing out of bed, excited to take the pill and see what he could accomplish that day. While to some it seems like a world of opportunities, it’s addiction. Another downside, only applicable if you have a moral code, is the fact that you are only as strong, better, and powerful as the pill you take. Whether you believe the pill is trustworthy or not, it’s here and it’s “infecting” the professional world and universities.


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