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Original - NoName-Gypsy

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NoName Gypsy

NoName Gypsy is a rapper on the come up from the Chicago underground scene. Her breakout into music was back in 2013, when she was featured on Chance the Rapper’s mix tape, “Acid Rap.” Gypsy’s sound is deceptively casual, but her flow is intentional. She uses her voice to raise questions and make waves, succeeding at just that. Her beats are light and idyllic as a way to counteract the impulsive verses she spits.

She handles serious issues with light humor such as in her single ‘Sunday Morning’ where she mocks the government: “Universal mind control, let me see you robot. Racism construct, let me see you robot.”

Her latest work is her feature on Chance the Rapper’s new song, ‘Israel’ where they meet their peers in their questions by playing off of Bible verses saying, “Excuse them, they know of what they do.” The 24 year-old lyricist has been working on her promising debut album ‘Telefone,’ due to drop any day now.

Original - Twenty-One-Pilots

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Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is the duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from Columbus, Ohio. They released their signed debut, ‘Vessel’ via Fueled by Ramen in 2013 and released their second album, ‘Blurryface’ this past May. Their music is a mix of Indie Pop with the use of alternative Hip Hop beats.

Throughout their songs they create fluidity by mixing rapping and singing, but always return to their original genre of alternative pop that their listeners love. They use pieces of every genre from Pop to Indie to Hip Hop as a way to create diversity in their songs. This only backfires on them occasionally when hearing all the genres at once proves to be too much.

On the lattermost produced album, the songs “Ride” and “Lane Boy,” among a few others, give a nod to Reggae influences in a form of experimentation that for the most part, fans seem to enjoy.

Original - Frank-Ocean

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Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has been out of the public eye for a minute, and everyone wants to know- what’s good, Frank? Where the album at? The 27 year-old singer has taken an unofficial three year hiatus since his last album, ‘Channel Orange’ dropped. His new album was supposed to come out in July 2015.

People are not handling the ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’ artists news well at all. Fans are taking to social media saying, “I’m still bumping ‘Swim Good’ in 2015, I don’t deserve this.” Many people are even threatening to make their own Frank Ocean diss tracks. Frank’s previous work is pulled from the inner corners of his soul, pointedly his tracks ‘We All Try’ and ‘Bad Religion.’

No singles or album artwork has been produced to soothe eager fans and there are only hints at the name ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ for his new compilation of work. Keep an eye out for this thing people, and let me know if you hear anything.

Original - The-Front-Bottoms

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The Front Bottoms

Here is a band that’s been around since 2007, but has just been signed to their first major record label (Fueled by Ramen) and released their first full length album. The Front Bottoms newest album ‘Back on Top’ was released in mid-September and has been getting all the love in the world from their diehard fans, and even some new ones too. People love the relatable lyrics The Front Bottoms are known for, such as, “I’m only human with my flaws, just a fool without a cause (From their new song, ‘Motorcycle’).”

Their lead singer, Brian Sella, writes poetically, belting out metaphorical lyrics that deal with everyday life that almost everyone can understand and relate to. Their alternative sound works well for them and they are able to use it across the spectrum, bouncing from occasional pop punk influences to a harder rock n’ roll sound. Unlike most other punk bands, The Front Bottoms’ songs all have an upbeat vibe to them and look on the positive side of things, letting us know, it’s all going to be okay.


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