Long lasting love for long distance relationships

By Marla Newsom

The hardest thing for us is communication. How do we maintain conversations every day?

Depending on time zones and situations with school, work, etc. it can be tricky to maintain conversation through out the day. Don’t worry about texting the whole day. I’ve learned that instead of trying to have short conversations here and there it’s much more enjoyable to find a time of the day that you both are free for Facetime or Skype. I recommend a time when one or both of you are going to sleep that way you can fall asleep together.

I’m so nervous about meeting them even when I know everything about her. 

It is totally normal to be nervous. You probably know everything and more about them and that’s what is “scary” about the whole thing. You have to be positive though, and do not go into meeting them thinking “what if I’m not or they’re not as amazing as it seems thus far.” Stay positive and be who you are! They are just as nervous as you are.

How can I get over the thought of them cheating on me since I’m not there?

Trust, trust, and more trust. Long disrance relarionships’s are all about trust. Remember, they are in this relationship too. They committed to the relationship as much as you did. At first the thoughts will swirl around your head, but you have to relax. If they’re out all the time with people you’re not familiar of and it makes you uncomfortable you have to speak up. Talking is very important.

How should I explain this to my parents?

Take it slow. If you know your parents won’t accept it right away, wait till you are SURE of the person you are with. Once you think it’s time to explain everything to them they’re probably going to ask you, “How do you know they’re real?!” It is frustrating, but reasonable. Parents don’t understand meeting over the internet like we do. It’s a different process than they’re used to. If it will help them, introduce your significant other to your parents over Facetime or Skype to make it real for them.

What’s the hardest thing about long distance relationships?

The hardest thing is dealing with other people. Hearing negative comments from friends, family, or anyone else really hurts. They will try and tell you it’s not a “real” relationship, or that it’s “not worth it.” But it’s your relationship, not theirs. If anything your relationship may be stronger than any type of relationship they’ve ever had. You will have people telling you to “get a real relationship” but don’t listen to them. Listen to your heart and do what you want. This is your potential love.

How do we make the relationship fun?

Plan date nights like any other relationship! Watch movies with each other, go pick up some McDonald’s and pretend like you’re having dinner together, start a fall television series together that you have to be home at 9:00 for every Thursday or something. Knowing you have that to look forward to will make your day so much better.

Is it okay to sext?

Of course it is! But consent is very very important. You may not be in the presence of one another, but you still both must consent to it. If you or your partner are not comfortable with the idea before or during, stop. If you are both okay with it, then have fun and do what you want. Enjoy your night “together!”


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