Ghost Student

By Joshua Carll

Staff Writer

People drive to college, walk to class, sit and take notes, and then leave the campus never to be seen again… but why not get the most out of the college experience? Participating in clubs such as Media Club, Latin American Club, or even Faith Fellowship Club will make you more involved in the college and community. It will also fill your life with unforgettable memories and new friendships.

Artists like Coldplay and Colbie Caillat write lyrics that include phrases which talk about taking risks in life. Trying to be happy by pleasing yourself; trying to be there for someone and help them through tough times. Writers have writings like, ‘you never know if you don’t try’ and ‘100 percent of the shots not taken are missed’, but they are all trying to say the same thing. Carpe diem; live your life to the fullest.

Cumberland County College student, Yvonne Curry, Public Relations major, has been attending the college since 2014. She has recently become active by joining the Media Club. “We actually have the opportunity to help students achieve their goals” which is what Curry enjoys so much about the club.

Curry also spends her time with Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), which she was inducted into due to her outstanding grades and 3.8 GPA. Even though this might seem like a lot, Curry is passionate about what she does and is happy that she is not a “ghost” student at the college.

As a student, there is a list of possible clubs that you can join and all of them can be found on the Cumberland County College website. Join clubs that you feel passionate about or you can even start a club on your own. All you need is an advisor, constitution, and at least five members. Clubs usually meet on Wednesdays, so if you are interested, get in contact with the advisor.

Drama Club, which is led by Deborah Bradshaw, provides artistic support and experiences in the theater. Every year the club goes to New York City and watches a Broadway show.

Music Club is made up of many different parts. There is a male and female acapella group and bands that get together and jam out. These clubs are advised by Professor David Anderson and his goal is to educate students about music and influence the culture today.

GLOW Club is another club that supports the LGBT community. Phyllis Seidner brings awareness to LGBT issues in the community and educates students.

Stop being a ghost student, and get involved in your college. Below is the link to the club list.


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