Dukes Mens Basketball team

by Steven Turner
The fall semester has started and the basketball season is coming next! It’s going to be an exciting year for Dukes basketball. After an upsetting lose to Bergen Community College in first round last year, the young Dukes have a fire in their eyes and they’re ready to take on this new season.

The Dukes play 29 games this season. The first game is a scrimmage at Montgomery Community College on October 20th. Although this game is a scrimmage, it’s the first look at the Dukes team for the 2015-2015 season.

There will be some new players, but there is some returning players to really keep your eyes on. There’s three names that come to mind.

Seth Hackett

Seth Hackett is a great guard. He has the ability to shoot from basically anywhere on the court. He had a pretty impressive shooting percentage last year at 46.8%. On top of that, he was a good scorer. By the end of the season he was averaging 10.5 points per game. This kid has a very unique skill set. Hackett finished the season at 35.5% from three-pointer territory. That will be a pretty huge factor to this team’s success. Hackett is going to do great things this season.

Khaliq Ford

Khaliq Ford is such an extremely gifted basketball player. He pretty much has all of the things you look for in a point guard. Ford is a very versatile player. He has really great handles an passing skills. Khaliq finished his last game of the season versus Bergen Community College with an outstanding 30 points on 13-19 shooting, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. That’s an amazing stat line. He averaged 13.2 points per game on 46.5% from the field. This guy is an efficient scorer and I wouldn’t be surprised if his scoring numbers get higher this season.

Markevis Johnson

Markevis Johnson is a dominate forward. He has the ability to shoot the ball from deep, take it to the rack and grab rebounds. It doesn’t even stop there. He’s also a really impressive passer and has great ball handling ability. He can stretch the floor and play anywhere. Johnson can bully people down low in the paint and drain the ball from deep. Last season, he averaged 15.2 points per game on 42.6% shooting. Johnson is a really good three-point shooter. He was 40.4% from long range last season.

This team is clearly gifted and has the talent it needs to have a successful season. And with new head coach, Willis Wareham, taking the wheel, this team could be something special. I talked to Coach Wareham about this season and he enlightened me on some topics for this upcoming season.


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