Behind the Music


Staff Writer

Cumberland County College has a wonderful campus and offers a variety of programs and activities. One of the most popular programs is our music program.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Piccone, the dean of the Arts and Humanities program. I asked him some very important questions, and he responded with insightful answers.

Q: “What is your role as the Arts and Humanities director?” 

A: “I am the overseer of the music, theater, and arts program. When I was given the management position, I thought Arts was a good fit. I also teach a few online classes.”

Q: “How many schools or colleges have you directed over the years?”

A: “I’ve overseen five different colleges.”

Q: “What has been your greatest moment here at CCC?” 

A: “The greatest moment or thing to see is the students graduate. A students success brings me a lot of joy.”

Q: “If you weren’t an arts and humanities director, what would have been your next job?” 

A: “If I weren’t an Arts and Humanities director, I would have gone on to become a professor in arts and music. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions.”

Q: “What are your goals for the students in the music program?”

A: “In the music program we want to prepare the students for the next four-year college. It’s important that we prepare the students correctly, to make sure that their music skills are sharp.”

Q: “What are your views on instrumental practice?” 

A: “It depends on what type of instrument the student has. Some instruments require students to practice inside and outside of college.”

Dr. Piccone attended Glassboro State College now named Rowan University. Dr. Piccone transferred to Michigan State and majored in music composition.

Miss Moden Goodnight played a big part in Cumberland County College getting a music program. In 1996, Goodnight called Dr. Piccone and asked him to come to Cumberland County. Piconne came to Cumberland County College and helped expand the music program to what it is today.


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