Where are the Student Jobs?


Staff Writer

On April 21, 2015, Frank Iannuzzi (who is this?) was interviewed about campus jobs for students at Cumberland County College. As a student, I know how hard it is to work and go to school at the same time. It’s hard sometimes to balance work and school. But reaching the goal of graduation and earning my degree will be worth it.

At CCC, a larger majority of its students work and go to school at the same time. Also, in this bad economy, it’s hard to find jobs, because it’s more of a fight to find a flexible job especially if you’re a student. Students require a flexible work schedule, in order to finish their homework. Iannuzzi says, “I am flexible with student workers, when it comes to their school schedule.”

On campus jobs for students, are hard to find, because it is difficult to know where to start. For example, were can an employment application for CCC jobs? Although CCC has a college website, many students still don’t know how to apply. Iannvzzi only knows of two ways in order for students to apply at CCC. The one way is to sign up from the college website at cccnj.edu and the other is go in to human resources and ask for an application. When I talked with Iannuzzi, he said, “The college jobs are usual temporary positions.”

At CCC, instead of working a regular nine to five job, a job on campus is a little different. According to Iannuzzi, “student workers get paid federal work-study minimum wage.” Iannuzzi says, “These students are working for their award letter of $500 for working 6o hours for the semester. Iannuzzi is a custodian manager, and because of his work experience, understands whatstudents can do and can’t do while working on campus. An example, he shared,“If I know a student has a class at 12 to 2. I won’t let them come in to work until around 2 p. m.”

Estephania Rodriquez, a CCC student and employee, works with Iannuzzi in custodial services. She juggles attending school full time and working. She is thankful for her job.According to Frank Iannuzzi, custodian manager, most workers on campus are not student workers. “I don’t know about every department and how many students workers they have in their department, but I know mine and we don’t have many student workers,” said Iannuzzi.

For example, most jobs people work in different departments around campus and they only know about their department. “The college only allowed him to hire four students a semester because of the budgetary reasons.” Iannuzzi has to rely on the students’ hard work to keep their position if they want to work for CCC. “Students workers who I hire back have to work hard. Students like Estephania Rodriquez are the type of workers I keep,” said Frank Iannuzzi.

Student workers, should be commended because they have a difficult task of balancing both work and educational committments. As a student who knows how hard it is to find work anywhere, providing student employment on campus at Cumberland County College is a win-win situation for students and the college. To find out more about student employment, visit cccnj.edu or call the Human Resources Office at 856-691-8600.


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