Success! Super Six

From the President’s monthly column originally published March, 2015 in The Daily Journal.

Success at Cumberland County College can be measured in many ways. Not only do victories take place each day in the college’s classrooms, but also through the strength of character that is built as a result of participation in CCC’s various clubs, student leadership, service activities and athletics.

Last year, Cumberland County College’s baseball team claimed their first regional championship. The Dukes’ impressive record season earned the team a trip to Tyler, Texas where they competed in the 2014 World Series as the No. 1 ranked team in the country.

Just days before starting the 2015 baseball season, the team’s coach, Keith Gorman, was named a regional Coach of the Year by the National Junior College Athletic Association.

Now, I am proud to say that Cumberland County College will be back in the national spotlight once again. CCC’s women’s basketball team recently captured its first Region 19 Conference Championship. Up next is a trip to the national championship tournament.

The coach of CCC women’s basketball, James Boney, has a number of reasons to be proud of this team and the way his players have battled adversity. Six reasons in fact. You see, this year’s squad is made up of just six players. Coach Boney usually has nearly twice that number of players on the roster.

“The way this team has worked together has been more rewarding than anything,” says Boney. “The model was, we were not going to make any excuses. So we prepared to play with six and win with six.”

Jovan Childers, Sahara Lopez, Jasmine Miro, Caroline Santiago, Tamyra Smith and Iesha Watson — affectionately named The Super Six –- will travel to Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA on Wednesday to compete in the 2015 NJCAA National Championships.

Boasting a 22-1 regular season record, these women athletes have remained focused on their goal to be the best. The lessons of resolve, creativity, teamwork and perseverance that have been learned on the basketball court will prove to be valuable skills, and will serve the young women well in future endeavors.

It occurred to me that the strategies behind the Dukes women’s basketball team winning season are much like those that are effective when working toward an educational goal: Eliminate excuses. Set goals that will motivate you to be your best. Find creative solutions. Remain diligent. Never give up on your dreams and never stop learning.

Many of our students must battle adversity, but against all odds, they have proven victorious. Time and time again, I have seen that our students make great things happen. Their many successes are a testimony to their drive and determination. It’s the reason why Cumberland County College is a gem within the county.


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