Defining Your Own True Beauty

Makeup_editedBy LAQUANA JAMES
Staff Writer

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and, more importantly, a pretty soul,” said Marilyn Monroe.
Many people, women in particular, are always obsessed with the way they look and dress. They get so fixated on trying to “look beautiful,” but what does that even mean? In reality, people don’t even see what true beauty is. They don’t need to try to be beautiful, they already are beautiful. Some might prefer a beautiful face over a beautiful personality, but in reality, true beauty isn’t just a beautiful face, it’s the person’s heart and actions that enhances how beautiful they are.

An amazing, strong woman, Lizzie Velasquez, suffers from a rare disease called Progeroid Syndrome. This disease stops her from gaining any kind of weight and makes her look older than her actual age. Since preschool, Lizzie has been bullied because she looks different from everyone else. In high school, she had come across a YouTube video about herself that was labeled “The Ugliest Girl in the World.” Now, as a motivational speaker, she looks back at those moments and laughs. “You have to use negativity to make yourself better. Beauty is how you are as a whole, not by your outer appearance.”

Velasquez says during a motivational speech for Ted Talks, “You don’t need the face of a model to be beautiful, just be yourself.” These are some things that Lizzie has taught me and I have also learned on my own recently.

Appearances don’t make you beautiful. Women think that make-up on their faces is what can make them more beautiful or make them stand out. We look at supermodels and celebrities and see what we want to be like, until we realize that their outer beauty doesn’t matter as much as who they are as a person.

For example, Megan Fox is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen on television, like smoking hot, but she is also said to be one of the worst people to work with. She has been fired from several different acting jobs due to her attitude. She has been called ungracious, rude and self-centered by some people she has worked with.
But looks are everything right? Audrey Hepburn once said, “Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside, but it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up.”
Personality is everything. The way you conduct yourself and the way you act toward people, unlike Megan Fox, is how you show your real beauty. Women that are classy and polite are the real beautiful ones. Rebel Wilson of the movie “Pitch Perfect” is a perfect example of this. She is a girl who is a little on the larger side with a heart of gold. She loves to inspire people with her weight to show them that not all actresses are skinny. She gives to many local charities and shows that inner beauty bests all.

Let your individuality define your beauty. Everyone has their own sense of style and individuality. By this point in our lives we should have already discovered what it is and how it makes us different from the millions of other people on the planet. We need to let that individuality be our beauty. It doesn’t matter if you wear the same color every day, if you are one the hottest spoken word poets out there, or even if you are the quiet mouse in the corner. Those things are what make up your inner individuality. Individuality is beauty and beauty is within.


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