Women’s Basketball “One Team, One Heartbeat”


“The family that plays together stays together” and it couldn’t be said any better about CCC’s girls’ basketball team, who have just won the Garden State Athletic Conference after their win against Middlesex County College on Saturday February 7. A team filled with only six girls hold the title as champions and led themselves into an outstanding season with a record of 22-1.

“It was exciting to be winners. We worked really hard for this,” Sophomore Iesha Watson says. The girls run hardcore practices on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for two hours and even run their own practices during their free time. “Their strengths would have to be their physical and mental toughness, it’s what helps them as a team and keeps them going,” says Coach James Boney who, in the beginning of the basketball season, was a little worried when seeing that only six girls had joined the team. “Since there is only a few of them, we do have to work a little harder than what a normal team would.” Having six players on a team means that there is only one substitute throughout the entire game. Coach Boney has the girls practice harder so that they can build up enough stamina so that when they are in a game they won’t be so tired. “Because of our training, we really don’t get all that tired during our games,” Sophomore Caroline Santiago stated.

However, the girls love that they only have six players. These girls don’t just act as teammates, they act as if they are family, which is one of the reasons why they play so well together. They show that everything is a team effort. Having played together and against each other in their high schools is another reason why they have such a strong bond. “It wouldn’t feel the same if we had more players on the team, we like the number of players we have now,” shared Sophomore Tamyra Smith.

All six players aren’t just good on the court, they are also skilled off the court. In order to stay a member of the team, the athletic department requires that all sports team members sit in a three hour study hall and must attend all classes. They need to have a signature from each of their professors stating that they did attend class. They must hand in all progress reports. Each one of the girls upholds these standards. None of them carry a GPA under the average of 2.6. “They have no problem in their classes, they are actually all doing very well.” Confirms Coach Boney.

“One team, one heartbeat” is a motto that the girls chant to each other. It is a very significant motto to them. They follow it well. This group of exceptionally strong-willed girls that kept a winning attitude through their entire season is the reason why they came out on top as Garden State Athletic Conference Champions. So, congratulations to our girls’ basketball team, they worked hard this season and they deserved it.


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