Winter Fashion 2.0: Updating Your Wardrobe


Staff Writer

We’re not quite ready for spring fashion yet. The recent snowstorms along the east coast have proved that. It wouldn’t be surprising if this recent cold spell ended up lasting through the month of March. Recommendations for the casual guy are as follows:

Make subtle changes to his winter wardrobe due to the persistent cold weather. However, a minor wardrobe transformation can still be just as refreshing and fun as a complete change.

The New York City Fashion Week has just recently come to a close. Making a few minor additions to the color palette within your wardrobe are suggested. The basic winter color palette will remain the same for the foundation of your outfit but there will be a bit more freedom with your tops.

The weather is still cold and because of that do not contrast your bottoms against the dark natural landscape. Stick with your jeans and pants that consist of dark solid colors such as black, grey, navy, burgundy, and other dark rich hues. A slight addition and exception to the color palette for bottoms could be solid white; the color white was definitely a fashion week trend. Just remember to pair your white jeans or pants with a solid dark top.

Black and white fashion trends seen during New York Fashion week 2015

Black and white fashion trends seen during New York Fashion week 2015 (photo credit:

The top portion of your wardrobe can include spring inspired solid colors. Spring hues are warmer and lighter in tone compared to the winter color palette. The seasonal Pantone Fashion Color Report for 2015 recommended mild toned hues such as dusk blue, toasted almond, treetop, sandstone, marsala, and lavender herb. Pantone Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman says, “In a world that has become increasingly chaotic, the nostalgic blues enables us to retreat into a safe place of quiet calm while harmonious greens from nature offer a reassuring presence.” The lighter toned tops aside from a slight seasonal color change will also help create a positive mood amongst a bitter cold environment. An accessory suggestion with a lighter color top would be to pair it with a dark colored scarf. A dark bottom, light top, and a dark scarf would be a perfect color scheme blend.

Since the weather will remain cold, layering is essential. Layering is an easy common way to stay warm! You’ll want to pair your outfit with thick boot socks, gloves, and a heavy insulated parka.

If you want to skip out on wearing a winter beanie and care to give your outfit a bit of an edge then an idea would be to wear a snapback. A snapback with bright pastel colors would give your outfit a bit of flair and depth.

The end of winter doesn’t have to mean the same old wardrobe color choices for the casual guy. The weather may remain fridgid throughout March but you can begin to lighten the tones of your tops. Keeping the majority of your outfits during the week committed to dark solid colors is highly suggested.

One of the most important rules of fashion is that one should never entirely contrast the natural environment. Thankfully, spring is not too far away and if you’re in need of a complete wardrobe change just wait patiently.


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