The Joy of Sox


Staff Writer


From to left to right: Daphne Chaniz-Rico (Advisor), Alisa Burke (Secretary), Tiffany Schweitzer (Vice-President), Brandi Bucco (President), Paulina Pyzdrowski, Charlotte Connor

The Alpha Delta Nu honor society consists of second-year students who excel academically in the nursing program at Cumberland County College. Educations related to health promotion and disease prevention are two fundamental goals of the nursing profession and this honor society. The Alpha Delta Nu nursing honor society at Cumberland County College initiated a community service project collecting new pairs of socks for the homeless in the community.

While many community service projects collect clothing for the homeless, socks are often overlooked. New socks are important to prevent serious conditions such as foot fungus, blood poisoning and deep bone infections. These infections may lead to leg or foot amputations. New socks can help prevent or minimize the impact of these painful conditions.

Alpha Delta Nu’s ongoing community service project began in November 2014. Students created educational pamphlets concerning the physical, psychological, and social impact of new socks. Along with the pamphlets, collection baskets were placed throughout the campus for student and faculty donations. The original goal was to collect 200 pairs of new socks for the homeless. ADN exceeded the goal and collected 464 new pairs of socks that will be donated to the Joy of Sox Organization.

This national organization distributes socks to homeless individuals within their own communities. Our donation will benefit the countless number of homeless people within Cumberland County.


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