Ellucian Go Is No Illusion


Staff Writer

To many students MOX, the app that acted somewhat as the CCC student Portal, was a lifeline. It provided a map of the campus, campus events, class schedules and rosters, and contact lists of professors and classmates. Its disappearance from the App store left students with many questions. With the help of Bernie Castro, Chief of Technology Officer and Director of Technology at CCC, The Voice hopes to answer them.

It is out with the old and in with the new. Cumberland County College technicians have been working on getting connected with the new app, Ellucian Go. Ellucian Go was created to replace MOX in order to keep up with the ages. “They wanted something newer. They wanted to keep up with the new technology. Gave it a new look and feel,” said Castro.

Ellucian Go is much like Mox with added features that are beneficial to the student. How often do you need to access your portal but aren’t near a computer? This new app will allow students to view grades, the courses they are taking, and stay connected with the campus community. In MOX, all the categories were laid out on the center of the screen, in the Ellucian Go App, all the features are listed in a sidebar. When the user selects a category in the sidebar it will direct them to a completely different page. It compares to having the CCC website in the convenience of one app. In addition, the app provides links to the campus’ social media accounts so students can stay connected. “The idea is to be able to have the ability for all users or the community to see what is going on at the college.” stated Castro.

Ellucian Go is open to anyone, not just students and staff. Future students and any member of the outside community can use the App. It provides links to the school’s website as well. Future students can use the App to view what degree programs CCC provides. Members of the community can use Ellucian Go to see dates and times of upcoming sporting events, concerts, or other campus events. CCC is not the only school getting involved with the App. Other schools such as Rowan University, Camden County College, and Atlantic Cape Community College, have also joined the movement. If you are a student that takes classes at two campuses, Ellucian Go has a unique feature that allows you to switch between schools.

When will Ellucian Go become available you ask? It is currently available for download in the app store for free. However, CCC has not been added to the list of schools just yet. Castro shared that they hope to fix the bugs over the summer months and launch the App sometime in the upcoming fall or spring semester.


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