Did You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?


Staff Writer

Five…Four…Three…Two…One…Happy New Year! Just like that, carbohydrates are off the table, you’re shelling out money for a gym membership, and swearing off soda for good. Unfortunately, we end up losing our motivation or get caught up in other obligations before January even comes to a close.

Before you know it, you’ve completely abandoned your objective all together. New Years’ resolutions are a popular annual tradition when we take a step back from the year were leaving behind us and try to better ourselves for the many years ahead of us.

The intention is to strive for a specific purpose for the entirety of the year in the name of self-improvement. If you find yourself stuck in a rut and unable to get yourself back on track with your resolution for the year, it’s not too late! Here are some tips to make this a year of triumph and accomplish what you set out to do.

Pick a goal you would like to achieve that will improve your quality of life. Ask yourself, “Where would I like to be in 12 months?”

Be precise and clear as to what your target is. A goal that is too broad will be overwhelming and your probability for success will be lower. Having a defined objective will make it easier for you to envision the necessary steps that must be taken in order to accomplish it.

Write it down and tape it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Keeping your aspirations in sight will serve as a constant reminder of your priorities.  A clear statement of your intentions will allow you to visualize how great you will feel when you succeed.

Make a list of the reasons why you chose the goal for yourself. On one side, write down the positive impact this accomplishment will have on your life. Be sure to include every reason why this goal will make your life happier. As well as the positives, list all of the negatives that would affect your life if you were to not accomplish it. Keep this list accessible either in your phone or in your wallet. Whenever you feel yourself losing sight of your purpose, pull out the list as a reminder in your own words of what success means to you.

Tell people about your intentions and your progress along the way. Make yourself accountable to your friends and family. Having people check in on your journey will keep you on track and motivated to make them proud. They will be there to cheer for your successes as well as encourage you when you have a setback.

Do not put it off until tomorrow. Taking daily action immediately will bring you closer to your goal and will keep your momentum moving forward. Keep in mind that you are closer to victory today then you were yesterday, so long as you take a proactive approach and work towards success daily.

Plan your days ahead of time in order to avoid the “too much to do in too little time” mentality. Without a set schedule, there is an opportunity for your priorities to fall by the way side. You may forget about it or you may distract yourself from it with other tasks. Planning what you intend to do with your time at least a week in advance will keep you on mark and avoid hiccups in the plan.

If you’ve been experiencing difficulty with accomplishing your New Year’s resolution, hopefully, these tips will help you build a stronger game plan to keep yourself focused and motivated throughout the year. It’s important to remember, you are the only one standing in the way of your success. As long as you can continue to remind yourself of the end result and how happy you will be, you will find your motivation.


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