Winter Fashion: Casual Guy Wear

By: Sebastian Piatt

It’s almost winter weather and every change of season means minor wardrobe adjustments for the casual guy. The 2015 edition of Farmers’ Almanac predicts that the winter of 2014-15 will be harsher than usual. Luckily, I’m going to recommend a few essential winter tips that will help get you through the frigid, bleak cold. So pack away your light windbreakers and get ready to wear heavier, darker items of clothing.

The first order of business is to understand that winter fashion has it’s own color palette. My preference is to try and avoid warmer lighter tones when possible. The casual winter style for me is a reflection of the dark natural landscape. The casual guy will most likely not have any problem with this because most of your wardrobe should consist of basic dark solid colors. The idea is not to be rebellious with your color style but rather subdued by the cool, icy, dark blue haze of winter. Think of using the colors black, grey, navy, and other dark rich hues. However, an exception to the color rule would be your heavy boot socks. A current trend is to contrast your socks against the dark and desolate hues of your winter outfit; any bright pastel color would be the perfect compliment.

Next, is to understand that winter fashion requires layering! It is less of a style statement and more of a stay warm practicality. The more layers of clothing you include within your outfit the warmer you will be. It’s not enough to just throw on some boxers, and thick boot socks as your only undergarments. The casual guy should include a pair of thermals underneath his skinny jeans as well. A few simple concepts of layering to understand is to keep it comfortable, casual, and accessible. You want to keep the thinnest layers of clothing close to the body. You also want to keep in mind that layering is a casual affair. Lastly, keep the layering accessible in that if you need to take something off or put something on one can do so in a quick an easy manner.

Finally, is the need to protect your garments, or boots from the harsh winter conditions. The casual guy will most likely be wearing some type of winter boot and or jacket. If you happen to be wearing a jacket or boot made out of a high quality leather, or synthetic think about a moisture repellent. A water-repellent spray or wax will help protect against any damage. If you’d like to avoid any concern purchase a product that has already been treated or made from a different material.

A simple style recommendation would be the purchase of a heavy, waterproof, insulated parka. A quality parka would compliment any guy looking to wear any type of outfit. Not every guy will want to layer and having a heavy winter jacket will help fight the cold. However, most guys will find themselves outdoor for an extended amount of time during winter and this simple recommendation wouldn’t be advised. Winter doesn’t have to be a miserable fashion experience if an individual prepares. Just use a few of the tips provided and this winter the casual guy will look and feel great.


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