Who’s Who?


Staff Writers

While being a part of the college is being a student and wearing your student IDs, not all students participate and buy one for each semester; though you should keep one in hand if you need to use something that requires a student ID At Cumberland County College. Anybody can be attending the college. Since there are so many different age gaps, it’s hard for us to differentiate ourselves. Therefore, the IDs are to purchase books each semester until recently this 2014 fall semester.

As a student we always need to research new things online for our papers. Even though most students use their textbooks for information many students use the Internet or the books provided by the campus library. Students that rent books from the campus library must present proof of their affiliation with the college. That’s when student IDs come into play. It is understandable that when renting books, they need to be reliable for their own rented property from the college. Some students don’t even carry a student ID until freshman orientation.

New students come around and they first enter college, faculty advises them to obtain one from the fitness center. When you’re at the fitness center, they verify your student status with your class schedule. Your class schedule is way for students to prove their identity on campus. After you show them your schedule, they take your photo and print out your ID right in front of you. The cost is only $5. But what are the chances of you pulling out your ID on campus anyway? It might just be a waste of money.

The CCC library is open to the public; it’s not just open to students. As a student on campus, we don’t need our student IDs for logging into the computers. For instance, I can go on the computer and look up any information desirable. The only use for a student ID is when printing out papers. After all, anyone can pose as a student on campus without realizing it.

Buying books is an exciting time for new college students. When I began my journey in 2011, I was told that I needed a class schedule to purchase textbooks. For example, to buy any of my books and prove I was a student on campus, all I needed was my class schedule. Furthermore, it’s been like this until this previous fall semester at Cumberland County College. As a student, I couldn’t believe they required us to provide our student IDs to purchase books for our classes. I realized that something needs to change. In the event of a negative situation, Cumberland County College would need a better system for identification.

Enforce student IDs on campus at all times would differentiate the students from the others. Also, students should carry their IDs on them at all times in cases of an emergency. No one bothers to pay attention, but now is the time to take action and be aware of each student that walks on campus. Everyone wants to be in a safe environment and we can do that by being more aware, and having our student IDs available. At CCC, we want to do the best we can to ensure our campus life is everything that we expected with the safety of our students being a top priority.


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