Transferring to a four-year university? Where do I start?

Staff Writer

Are you beginning to ask yourself questions like: “How soon can I transfer?” or “When should I start thinking about transferring?” or “What steps should I take in order to have a smooth transfer?” or “What would happen if I decide to transfer during the current semester?” If you are, you’re not the only one. Many students, who attend both two- and four-year colleges alike, ask these questions plus many more concerning “what is the best way to transfer”.

First, you should know there are people on campus who are trained to help us make these important decisions. Such as, Dr. Steve Stolar – Transfer Specialist advisor, Ms. Reta Rios – Career Development advisor, Ms. Kellie Slade – Senior Director of Student Life, as well as the many other advisors assigned to our particular curriculums located around campus. These people are our support system.

However, there are still some decisions we must make on our own. Such as, “What college or university do I want to transfer to?” Have you made a list? Before others can assist you, you must first do your homework. Ask yourself, “Do I want to stay in-state, go out-of-state, or abroad?” “What do I want to major in?” “Is my GPA sufficient to get into the college of my choice?” “Are SAT scores still a factor in the decision-making process?” – all of these are valid questions we need to ask.

Ok, now you’ve got all the information you need and you’re ready to apply. Now what? Instead of applying to just one, try two, or maybe your top three. Make sure you adhere to all the rules and regulations listed on the application – fill each one out carefully. Do you need to write an essay? Did you cover the suggested topic thoroughly and adhere to the word count? After you’ve completely filled out each application, you may want to seek out a trusted member of your support team to check it for errors. Remember to request an official copy of your transcript from the Registrar’s office for each application before submitting, and also one from your high school. After you’ve amassed all pertinent documents, made sure your applications are error-free, and included any requested application fees – you’re ready to send them out, preferably by certified return-receipt mail. Also, don’t forget to make copies of important documents for yourself, incase anything becomes misplaced, and you have to resend it.

Another avenue you might try is CCC’s annual Transfer Day, held sometime in February every year. During this time, recruiters from area colleges and universities come to Cumberland County College to view application packages, in person, and give an instant approval for admission on the spot. If accepted, you will receive an informal letter of acceptance immediately and then the formal letter in about two weeks after the event.

The hardest part is the waiting game. But take condolence in the fact that if you are certain you did everything correctly– then just be patient and wait for your much anticipated reply letters and hopefully they will all be marked “ACCEPTED”. Good luck.


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