Quiz! Time Management

By: Taylor Duffield

Finals are right around the corner, so the school load is starting to pile up. Take this quick quiz to evaluate your own time management and organizational skills:

1. Do you have a designated study environment to complete school tasks?

A. I have a specific place where I go to study and finish homework that I chose because it lacked distractions.

B. I study in a specific kind of environment that I know I am the most productive although it is not a specific location.

C. Where I choose to study is completely random and usually just where ever I happen to be at the time.

2. Do you record dates for quizzes, exams, and presentations?

A. My calendar lists dates for both short-term and long-term assignments.

B. I have noted key dates on my calendar for mid-term and final exams.

C. The course syllabus provided by the professor is the only way I keep track of upcoming obligations.

3. Do you create a weekly priority list of how you plan to utilize your time?

A. I have planned out how I will use the hours of each day of the week for studying, personal care, sleep, and recreation.

B. I know at the start of the week which days I must focus on school work and which days are my time.

C. I usually go with the flow and I accomplish my tasks as I find the time.

4. Do you often find that you have missed or forgotten about an important deadline?

A. I cannot remember the last time I have failed to submit an assignment on time.

B. Once or twice an assignment has slipped my mind and I was unable to complete what was expected of me.

C. Last semester I was unable to meet my deadlines on three or more occasions.

5. Do you use your spare time to study such as: waiting in line, walking to class, eating alone, or commuting to class?

A. I carry flash cards or pocket notes on me and use them to study when I find the extra time while I’m away from the books.

B. Occasionally when my mind is not occupied, I’ll do a quick mental review of the information I’ve been learning/studying.

C. I prefer to separate study time from other activities in order to prevent myself from mental exertion.

Mostly A(s): You have exceptional time management skills. You go above and beyond to secure your success in college. So long as you keep up your outstanding habits, there is no cause for alarm.

Mostly B(s): You could work harder to ensure you are succeeding in college. Although your time management and organization habits are getting you by now, it may catch up to you in the future. Be sure to continue to improve on your skills.

Mostly C(s): You desperately need to reevaluate your organization and time management skills or else risk your chance for success! It’s time to reassess your priorities and be sure that your education is at the top of that list.


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