L’Espirit: CCC’s creative outlet


Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again where you can get your creative juices flowing and crank out your best work in preparation for CCC’s annual L’Esprit literary/art magazine and our Poetry Slam.

The college has been publishing L’Espirit magainze for several years. Interest in the magazine has been rising steadily throughout its history, especially since being coupled with the Poetry Slam, with over 200 people attending last year’s event—the campus’ first ever.

2013 Pamplet cover by Nancy James

2013 Pamplet cover by Nancy James

When asked why L’Esprit was started, event organizer and CCC professor Renee Post says, “It was created as an outlet,” and with the Slam it “brings diverse groups of people together,” “encourages freedom of expression,” and “reveals how writing can help heal.”

As for the creation of the Poetry Slam, Post cites an encounter with one of her effective speech students performing a spoken word poem that intrigued and inspired her. After learning more, the idea for this event was eventually born and was an immediate success.

The spoken word showcase brought in about 30 performers last year and was held, and will be held this upcoming year, in the FPAC Theater on campus. “It provided a venue for local writers, artists, and performers to share their writing and read or perform their work to an audience,” Post says of the Slam.

However, participation is not just limited to submitting and performing personal work. If you want a different way to get involved and help out with the event, you can volunteer to sell concessions, handle tickets, pass out programs, help backstage, or videotape and capture pictures.

The pieces gone into the publication include poetry, short stories, haikus, and the work of art and graphic design students—this type of artwork is gathered and selected by Professor Shapiro from her classes.

Submissions are not just limited to campus members. Inclusion in the publication is open to all members of the Cumberland County community. While Ms. Post says she tries to include everyone’s pieces, there are space limitations and not every one may be printed.

Pieces may also be subject to editing or rejection based on length and explicit content.

Individuals are encouraged to send in their pieces to Ms. Post at lesprit2015@gmail.com, and can look forward to feeling the pride of seeing their beloved work being published and enjoyed by all those who will be reading the magazine. Participation in both is not necessary, and what you choose to submit to either is up to you.

The L’Esprit magazine will be distributed May 6 for free. For a copy of your own, you can stop by Ms. Post’s office in the Fine and Performing Arts Center, or the Arts and Humanities office. Copies will be distributed at the Slam, also to take place on the 6th.

If you plan on submitting your work and have any inquiries or would like the full list of guidelines, please use the email mentioned above. All submissions are due March 16.


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