Dramatic commercials fight adolescent smoking


Staff Writer


LaQuana James/Staff Photographer

For decades, the subject of adolescents and young adults smoking has been controversial and heavily influenced by the media, but it is 2014 and something is knocking smoking right out of the park and, that something is us.

One corporation that can take partial credit for a decrease in smoking is the Food and Drug Administration due to the $115 million worth of campaigns and advertisements that have been placed on TV.

The difference between these commercials and the ones that have been made years before is that these commercials are made to scare young adults by showing them what smoking can really do to their bodies.

Two commercials were made showing viewers that smoking can cost your skin and your teeth and most young people are concerned with their physical appearance.

The new website that created the commercials is called thetruth.com and this website’s main objectives are to stop smoking among young adults and decrease the profit tobacco companies generate.

Through dramatic commercials, the website shows the negative effects of smoking in hopes of preventing young adults from forming the nasty habit. So far the site has developed over 2 million followers and that doesn’t include their Twitter and Facebook accounts. They have commercialized their website idea on television stations such as BET, MTV, TeenNick and other young adult channels.

Companies aren’t the only ones that are trying to put a stop to smoking. Colleges are trying and succeeding at keeping smoking off campuses. As of July 2014, Cumberland County College has made the college a giant “No Smoking” zone. They have placed all smoking receptacles by the parking lots and so far it has been a success.

Students, as well as faculty have been, for the most part, abiding by the rules of the college. “I don’t have a problem with smoking off campus,” an anonymous student states, “I mean I would prefer to walk around campus and smoke, but I understand that they are trying to keep the school clean and smoke free. The idea isn’t bad.”

There are a few students that do not agree with the idea of keeping smoking off campus. They like the idea of walking right out of class and having a smoke after a long stressful test or even as they are walking around campus. They hate walking all the way to the parking lot just to smoke a cigarette.

The question is, is this the way that colleges want to put a stop to smoking in general or is it that they just want to keep the campuses clean by keeping cigarette liter off the ground? Many people and organizations are doing their part to end smoking so why don’t we all lend a hand?


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