Cumberland County College Construction: “For the Students”

Staff Writer

After 18 months of construction, Cumberland County College has completed Phase One of its first renovation since opening in 1966. The total Phase One renovations cost $6.5 million. $1.6 million went to renovating and expanding the Academic Building. The building has a new lobby, three new classrooms, one renovated classroom, a new elevator, and three new study group areas or “collaboratoriums.”

The collaboratoriums are an “excellent way for students to network, focus and relax,” said Cumberland County College Board of Trustees Chairman, Keith Figgs. Administrators of the college firmly believe in the potential of the college’s students. These renovations and the upcoming renovations are being funded and constructed because the students deserve them.

The lobby, full of CCC student and graduate artwork, is sleek and welcoming. The elevator allows students with disabilities to reach the second floor with ease and safety. The three new classrooms and the renovated classroom feature new furniture and technological resources designed to enhance student learning. Outside the classroom, students are forming study groups, discussing lessons, and helping each other learn in the new collaboratoriums.

The Administration Building transformed into a student resource with $2.7 million. The president, both vice presidents, the Foundation, Human Resources, Communications & Marketing, and Institutional Effectiveness all have offices in this building. Students can now find all administrative offices in one location. The improved Academic and Administrative Buildings have been tailored to meet the needs of the students.

The 4,200 square feet that was added allows for an enlarged boardroom and two new conference rooms that are available for public use. The modern design and furnishing of the Administration Building represents the professionalism of the college. CCC’s Senior Officers, Board of Trustees and Board of Chosen Freeholders are proud of the college and it’s students. Stephen Sweeney, the New Jersey State Senator President, said, “when I was told I’d be in Cumberland, I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s good to be home.” The Boards’ dedication, determination and pride has given students of Cumberland County an environment that is conducive to learning and success.

CCC has upgraded its facilities with televisions that display campus news and an improved Network Operations Center (NOC) that has state-of-the-art technology for students. The campus has gained 8,573 square feet from Phase One and as CCC President Dr. Thomas Isekenegbe said, “All construction and renovations on campus are all about student learning and student success. It’s all for you.”

Renovations to the Student Life Center will begin in May 2015. According to Dr. Galbiati, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Enrollment Services, “The cost is 7.5 million dollars, and will take approximately 15 months for completion.” The café will be expanded and students will be able to register, pay and get answers about their education and financial aid in one location. This next chapter is designed to provide students with a motivating, useful and unique learning environment. “Welcome to our beautiful campus,” said Isekenegbe.


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