College Expenses: Help is Available


Staff Writers

Scholarships: Looking for ways to pay for college? The Cumberland County College Foundation office provides over 60 scholarship opportunities and awards $500,000 annually.

Interested students should familiarize themselves with the scholarship page on the CCC website. From the home page on the website, click on “Quick links” and then click the dropdown menu and scroll until you see “Scholarships.” From there you can look over all of the current scholarship options available to you.

Students should read through the list and criteria to see which scholarships they qualify for and then fill out the application. The application is easy to complete online and you only need to complete it once, even if you are applying for more than one scholarship. There is no limit to how many scholarships a student can apply for and with an average award of $500, the money can really add up!

If the scholarship you apply for requires an essay or letters of recommendation, you may send any required documentation to Kim Ackerman at or bring them to the foundation office, in the Administration Building.

The majority of scholarships are awarded in April and students are notified in the beginning of May. At that time all recipients are invited to attend a ceremony which falls on the day before commencement in mid-May. This ceremony is where the donors and recipients get to meet and also where the recipients are honored for their achievements in front of their families and the college community. Students who are awarded scholarships must send a thank-you note to the donor, once they do that, the scholarship money is officially awarded.

There are emergency scholarships that can help students who are in danger of having to drop classes because of financial need as well as a completion scholarship which is for students going into their last semester and need help. If you are in crisis mode and need financial assistance, please contact the Foundation office to see if you are eligible for an emergency scholarship.

The foundation office wants students to know that money is here for you. If you are having any problem with the scholarship process, please contact Kim Ackerman at

Textbooks: For college students, books are of the most expensive necessities. Though there are some classes where the professor doesn’t make books mandatory, odds are that you will need a book for most of your classes. Chegg is a company that allows students to buy or rent used textbooks for prices much lower than in the school bookstore. For those who don’t want to carry around physical versions of the books, e-books are also available depending on the subject.

Chegg can be easily accessed on a computer or right on your phone. The app is free and you can make orders from your Smartphone. All you have to do is search for the book using the title, author or ISBN and decide if you want to rent the book or purchase it. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours and delivered within a week. At the end of the semester, it’s easy to return books by printing out a mailing label from the website and simply putting the book back in the box.

On Chegg, they also have a tutor section on their website which sets you up with an online tutor to help with homework assignments. There is also a question and answer section that allows students to interact and help each other. Another feature Chegg offers is a scholarship search engine that shows thousands of different scholarship opportunities that are available for application.

Having to put out a lot of money for a book that you’ll only use for a few months is a necessary evil, but fortunately Chegg is a helpful alternative and student resource.


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