Fashion Week 2014

Staff Writer

Fashion is a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people and the most popular and hottest topic out right now is New York Fashion Week. Fashion Week is a semi -annual series of events, which usually lasts one week. Fashion week is a place where fashion designers from around the world come together to put on a phenomenal show. Fashion Week gives the opportunity for designers’ brands to display their latest collections in runway shows and allows the media to have a preview of the latest trends. Fashion Week is universal-it is held in Paris, Milan, Berlin, London, and of course, New York.
Behind the scenes of the most talked about runway show are public relations teams, production directors, graphic designers, advertisements, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc. It takes diversity and creativity to come together and create a breath taking show. Fashion week also has internships for students who want to work and have the experience of a lifetime.
I had the pleasure to interview Intern Ashley Lopez and Couture Salon owner, A’lice (Toya) Vargas, who participated in this years 2014 Fashion Week. “The energy during the show was very eccentric in a way that the audience was filled with creative geniuses wearing the coolest garments and music,” says Ashley. Ashley had the gratification to meet Angela Simmons, “she was just as I thought she would be.” Her responsibilities as an intern was to assist in public relations, which involved designing gift bags for the guests, as well as seating and coordinating the décor for each show. Although Ashley has focused a major in marketing, she now has interest in public relations rather than pursuing a career in apparel.
And of course, the make up and wardrobe is essential to Fashion Week. Couture Salon owner and stylist A’lice (Toya) Vargas was given the opportunity to be one of the leading hairstylist for 3 shows. “Our job as a team is to complete the look for the designer and it is a collaborative effort between the lead hairstylist and lead makeup artist,” says A’lice. A’lice was a lead hairstylist for the show, “Fashion has a heart,” at the Hilton Penthouse on the Avenue of the Americas in New York City. Her team of 3 hairstylists provided professional styling for twenty-six women and 4 men.
Her strengths for the show had to be her speed and diligence, as it gave her the capability to get the models together efficiently. “If I could do fashion week all over again, I would have taken all of the opportunity that was presented to me,” says A’lice. Fashion Week showed her that there are many levels to grow in the industry. A’lice plans to excel and take her career to the next level. “Networking with like-minds and building professional relationships for future events it was an awesome experience.”


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